How Do Life Jackets Stop You From Sinking?

May 19, 2022 2 min read

How do life jackets help you survive drowning? A life jacket is a device that helps prevent drowning by lifting you to the surface and rolling you backwards to keep your head above the water. It also keeps you from drifting off or falling asleep, two things that can lead to a tragic outcome if you are in a boat accident. Read on to learn more about life jackets function.

Type 1 Life Jackets Prevent Drowning

Wearing a Type I life jacket is an important safety measure, especially if you're in an inland body of water. This type of life jackets prevent drowning by giving the person wearing it additional buoyancy, so he or she won't fall overboard. It is especially helpful in crowded waters, such as beaches, marinas, and pools. Children are more likely to drown in these settings.

Several recent studies have shown that wearing a life jacket can reduce the risk of drowning. One study of drowning fatalities in Alaska found that people ages five to 14 were more likely to wear a life jacket than adults. Moreover, lifejackets were more likely to be worn by young children and weak swimmers. Another study of 1,860 sailors found that lifejacket use was higher among those aged under 30.

They Pop You Up to the Surface

Life jackets are designed to prevent you from sinking in water by allowing you to float. The floating time depends on many factors. The buoyancy provided by a lifejacket depends on its type, size, and fit. A level 150 lifejacket is recommended for adults over 40kg or 6st 4lbs. Different makes and models differ in the length of their waist/chest belts.

The Titanic was the first example of a case of flush drowning. In this case, a fallen swimmer moves downstream and is repeatedly dunked underwater. The repeated exposure to water reduces oxygen levels in the body, and the drowning victim loses consciousness. Added to this, the constant impact of waves can cause the airways to malfunction. Additionally, water can clog the mouth and nose. In such a case, life jackets are not designed to handle such serious complications.

In some cases, life jackets are needed for people who are negatively buoyant. These people may require extra flotation that a standard life jacket doesn't provide. They must wear their life jackets for safety reasons. The life jackets must be worn to count in the vessel's inventory. Failure to do so could result in fines. However, it is always good to wear a life jacket even if you're not in danger.

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