How Do Roof Racks of a Car Help to Carry a Surfboard?

July 15, 2022 3 min read

If you're going to transport a surfboard on a roof rack, you need to know how to place it safely on the roof. There are several ways to do this, including tie downs, padding, and 'Aero' bars. These accessories will make your life easier on the road, so here are a few tips to get you going.

Putting a Surfboard on a Roof Rack

Putting a surfboard on a car's roof rack requires some basic planning. The surfboard should be positioned so that its fins are facing forward. Kooks will place their boards in the opposite direction. It's best to keep the fins facing forward so that they don't slide out. A soft rack is ideal for carrying a surfboard as it won't slide out even if you're traveling at high speeds.

Tie Downs

Surfboard straps and soft racks are essential if you plan on carrying a surfboard on your car. Cheap surfboard straps can be purchased at your local Bunnings, and winged rope is also a good option. For a more durable strap, however, read the Creatures Surf Straps Guide. It will also tell you how to pick the right straps for your surfboard.


Cars are equipped with various racks to carry surfboards. One of the most popular types is the soft rack. This system includes foam pads, and can be purchased at most surf shops for about $40 to $50. Nevertheless, hard racks are available for certain cars, and some aftermarket companies manufacture them. In this type of rack, the car has a metal frame with running bars, or cross bars that run across the roof at six to 12 o'clock.

'Aero' Bars

Soft racks are often the best choice for carrying a surfboard in a car. The straps that secure a surfboard to a roof rack can be tightened to the desired tension but should not be overtightened or it may scratch the car's roof. 'Aero' bars, which are found on roof racks of some cars, can be used to carry more than one surfboard at a time.

Soft Racks

If you're looking for a car rack for your surfboard, there are many options to choose from. The Block Surf Wrap-Rax Single is a reliable soft surfboard car rack that consists of two durable straps and two pads. It can hold up to three surfboards. If you're looking for more space, consider the Block Surf Wrap-Rax Double, which comes with two straps and can accommodate up to six surfboards.


There are many different types of car accessories you can purchase to attach to the roof of your car to help you carry a surfboard. There are T-profile racks and flat racks. T-profile racks are more secure and stable than flat or edge racks, which are more aerodynamic and easy to remove. Soft racks, which don't require installation and are the least expensive option, can protect your surfboard while you're driving.


A soft rack system is an excellent way to transport a surfboard. These racks consist of a strap system that is adjustable and secures the surfboard to the rack. These straps typically have buckles for extra security. Softracks are relatively inexpensive compared to other rack types, but they are not intended for long distance or high speeds. Soft racks may slip or become frayed over time.

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