How Do Surfers Attach a Leash if They Wear Wetsuits?

August 16, 2022 2 min read

When surfing, you'll probably want to attach a surfboard leash to your foot. You can do this in several ways. Some people use a pig tether, which is also known as a surf leash. Others use a velcro cuff to secure a surfboard leash to their body. Whether you're wearing a wetsuit or not, this is essential information for any surfer.

Keeping a Leash in Your Hand

Wetsuits are made of water resistant material and can help you stay warm. But keeping a leash handy while wearing a wetsuit is important to prevent the sides of your suit from pulling apart. To keep your leash in place, you should reach back and pull it up. In addition, you should use velcro on the neck to keep the top of your wetsuit closed.

Using a Pig Tether As a Surf Leash

If you want to use a pig tether as if it's a surf leash, you'll want to take a few precautions. First, don't wrap the cord too tightly around the tail of your board. This will create a constant wrapping action around your leg and could damage the fins. The leash should have enough length to lay across the rails and not hit them.

Another good thing about pig tethers is that they can be stored in your boardbag. You can use these leashes to hang out with your friends, or bring them along the next time you go surfing. You can also roll them up and store them in your wetsuit, making it convenient for you to have a leash in case you need one.

Once you've stuffed the string through the loop, make sure that the end isn't too long. If it does, the force from the cord will damage the tail of the board. There have been cases where leash cords have carved through the tails of surfboards. To avoid this, fold the cord in half and hold both ends while threading it through the loop. Make sure to leave a little open end to prevent the knot from slipping out while you're surfing.

Using a Velcro Cuff to Secure a Leash to Your Body

While many brands will use velcro to attach the leash to your ankle, there are some that are better. Surefire's patented Surefire Leash Release tag is an ergonomically designed injection moulded urethane tag that is easy to pull in an emergency. It also offers greater strength than the standard webbing loop. The cuff itself is made from a tough, lightweight polyurethane swivel, which helps reduce weight and maintain material integrity.

A velcro cuff can secure the leash to your body without the need to remove your wetsuit. Most surfboard leashes have a velcro cuff that goes around your ankle and calf. A short leash is worn around the ankle and a long one is worn around the calf under your knee. Some leashes are also equipped with pockets to keep your surfboard leash close at hand.

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