How Do You Carry Two Surfboards in Your Car?

July 15, 2022 4 min read

When carrying your surfboards in your car, you have several options. There are straps, ratchet straps, rope and towel methods, soft racks, and cross bar racks. You must decide which is best for you and your vehicle. If the boards are large, you may want to use a roof rack to secure them. Otherwise, straps inside the car may be too wide and rain can drip into the straps.

Using Ratchet Straps

The first thing you should know is that you will need a couple of ratchet straps if you plan on carrying two surfboards in your car. If you have two surfboards, you'll probably have a difficult time fitting them in your trunk. You may also end up causing damage by putting too much pressure between them. You can reduce this effect by twisting the straps a bit. If you have two straps, make sure to use the same type for each surfboard.

There are two ways to safely carry your two boards in your car. You can use foam blocks as "noddles." When you place the first board, place the fins facing forward and the second board in the back. Then, you should place the second board as close to the first one as possible. Once you've done this, use the straps to secure the boards to the car.

Using a Rope & Towel Method

There are many ways to transport a pair of surfboards in a car, but a rope & towel method is one of the simplest. Using a towel as a strap is relatively simple, but it does not provide as much protection or clearance as a roof rack. In addition, car roofs are curved, leaving less room to accommodate two surfboards. Fortunately, surfboard rack technology has evolved over the years.

If you're using regular rope, you'll need to know how to tie a knot, which can be tricky for those with no experience. A high-quality rope is best for this purpose, but it can be expensive and difficult to find. Likewise, poor rope will stretch and have less tension than a good one. A rope with low quality may even be unsafe, and bungee cords are less secure and can stretch.

Using a Cross Bar Rack

If you have two surfboards, using a cross bar rack to carry them in your car is the perfect solution. These racks are easy to use and are designed to accommodate two boards. However, you must be careful to secure the boards properly. When placing a board on the rack, you must secure it with straps. These straps must be strong enough to handle the weight of the board. Once you have secured the boards, you should place a board pad inside them. If you have not purchased a board pad yet, you can use a simple sock or a padded cover.

Most roof racks have gaps that make them noisy, so you need to make sure they are closed. Most aerodynamic bars have rubber seals for the gaps in the rails. It is not possible to load the surfboards backwards, so you have to keep this in mind when setting up the rack. The roof-rack system can also be attached to your car, but the downside of this is that it doesn't have a rain gutter attachment.

Using a Soft Rack

The roof rack is the most ideal option if you live in a rainy country, but there are also alternatives that use straps inside the car. The straps can catch on wet surfaces and drip into the surfboard when it rains. A 'how to' video demonstrates how to use a strap inside the car. The straps are adjustable and allow the wind to pass without causing noise.

The passenger seat should be lowered as far as possible, so that the back of the headrest touches the front of the back seat. Slide the surfboard into the boot or the passenger door. Place the tail of the surfboard onto the floor on the passenger side. If you have more than two surfboards, stack them one on top of the other and fasten them with seat belts.

Using a Spool of Spools

Taking care of your car's cargo area is essential if you want to transport two surfboards. When putting the boards into your car, you need to make sure they don't flap around while you drive. If you are using a spool of spools to carry two surfboards, you should place one of them in the middle so that the pressure won't damage it. Alternatively, you can also buy a spool of spools and tether them to your car.

When transporting surfboards, you should make sure that you put straps behind the fins. This will give extra security and prevent the board from slipping off the car. You should also always stack your surfboards with the fins facing forward, as this is easier to stack. Additionally, if you are traveling in warm weather, make sure you use a board bag and sock to protect them from the elements. Another important consideration is waxing. If you have wax on your board, it will drip all over the roof of the car. It will also be visible to other drivers.

Using a Roof Rack

Using a roof rack to carry two board in your car will allow you to carry your boards close to the passenger and driver. However, this is not ideal, especially if you live in a rainy country. You might have to tie the straps inside your car, which will allow rain to drip into them. Watch a 'how to' video to see how to twist the straps so that they can be carried without making noise when the wind blows.

Strapping down a surfboard requires careful positioning. The surfboards should be strapped on the roof rack in height order, with the largest surfboard on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Stacking them this way will naturally push the boards forward as you add each one. Depending on the size of your car and roof rack, you can strap the second'stack' of surfboards to the side of the car.

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