How Do You Film an Underwater Scene?

August 27, 2022 3 min read

Filming an underwater environment can be a challenging task. Filming an underwater scene in an open water environment is more difficult, because there are so many variables to deal with. On the other hand, a closed and controlled environment offers much more control. For instance, if real animals are used in the film, the animals are trained by trainers to remain as docile as possible.

Untamed Science 

The crew of the documentary Untamed Science is made up of scientists, educators, and filmmakers. They are dedicated to making science fun and easy to understand. Their mission is to protect the environment and preserve the biodiversity of Planet Earth. The film is being distributed nationwide, and has been featured on Discovery Channel and PBS, among other channels. Here is a look at the underwater filming techniques they use.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When the French explorers boarded the ill-fated Nautilus, they began a 50,000-mile journey across oceans and undersea forests. They encountered miles-deep trenches, coral graveyards, and the sunken ruins of Atlantis. These extraordinary sights have captured the imagination of readers ever since its original publication. This adaptation of Jules Verne's 1870 novel was written by Frederick Paul Walter.


If you've been curious about how James Wan filmed his upcoming superhero movie, Aquaman, you've probably wondered about the process of shooting an underwater scene. The director of the highly anticipated film has now given us the scoop on how he pulled off the action! The movie is set in an underwater world, and Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving to make it possible to film underwater. During a Q&A session with the director, Wan explained the challenges of filming an underwater scene.

Jacques Cousteau's 'The Poseidon Adventure'

Jacques Cousteau's lifelong fascination with the oceans began in his early teens, when he first saw a Greek myth about Alexander the Great being lowered into the sea. His love of the water soon led him to co-invent a diving apparatus, and he also spent a great deal of time underwater. He was even able to use Poseidon's mighty trident to keep him alive under the sea.

David Reynolds' "Budget" Series of Short Films

Continuing David Reynolds' "budget" series of film about an underwater scene, this film has been released on YouTube and on DVD. It has a solid premise and great performances, including Brad Pitt as an Irish gypsy who steals a diamond. While it is not particularly eerie, it is an effective horror film based on true events. Although it's shot on digital, the film's minimalist aesthetic is effective for its subject matter.

Using a Fish Tank to Film Underwater Scenes

For a more realistic view of an underwater scene, using a fish tank is a good option. Unlike the dome, which has a curved surface, a fish tank has a flat surface that gives the viewer the feeling of being immersed in the water. This is ideal for summer videos. The fish tank is also easy to set up and clean. It will give your videos the POV edge they need.

Using a Tripod

Using a tripod to film an underwater image can eliminate shakiness and give you clearer footage. There are many different types of underwater tripods, which range in price and function. This equipment can help you capture more detailed images and macro footage without causing any disturbances to the subject. The legs of the tripod can serve as a monopod or handle to hold your camera. Depending on the camera you use, you can choose to buy one that is designed for underwater use.

Keeping Focus on Your Subject

When filming an underwater scene, it is imperative to keep the subject in focus. When filming an underwater scene, you will need to be stable and steady underwater. You must also be aware of your buoyancy so you do not disturb fish or coral. It is also important to maintain a wide range of exposures in your footage, including panning shots and close-ups. This will make your video more visually appealing. This job can be very fun but difficult, that's why underwater photographers make a lot of money.

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