How Do You Fix a Surf Leash?

September 15, 2022 3 min read

If you've broken your surf leash, there are several simple fixes you can make. The first thing you should do is check the length of the leash. If it's too long, it will add unnecessary drag in the water. A shorter leash is less likely to catch your board if you fall on it.

Ankle Leashes

Ankle leashes can be a nuisance when surfing. They can tangle and catch on rocks and other obstacles. In extreme cases, they can even be deadly. This can cause you to fall into the water flat on your back and drown. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix ankle leashes.

First, check the thickness of your leash. You want it to have the right amount of elasticity to prevent breakage. Thinner leashes are better for small waves, while thicker ones are good for regular and large waves. Thinner leashes are easier to maneuver on your surfboard, and they are also less likely to get tangled and snapped.

Another way to fix an ankle leash is to tie a knot. This is especially important if you are new to surfing. Another option is to buy an emergency release leash. These leashes attach to your PFD and have a pull tab. This allows you to easily remove them in case of an emergency.


Surf leashes with swivels are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement. You can choose single or multiple swivels. The former is the more secure choice, while the latter provides maximum flexibility. Swivels can be attached to either the rail saver or ankle strap. The most appropriate leash to use depends on your skill level and the type of waves you surf.

A surf leash with swivel is designed with a swivel embedded into the cord. A good swivel should be able to rotate freely without tangling or twisting. A swivel with a triple locking system is safer than one without.

If you plan on surfing big waves, you should buy a long leash. This will keep you farther from your board during wipeouts. Alternatively, if you want to surf smaller waves, choose a shorter one. Shorter leashes may cause you to fall on your board, while longer ones help you to avoid a head injury.

Rail Savers

A rail saver is a piece of hardware used to attach the leash to your board. This piece of equipment is the least problematic part of a surf leash. Instead of using two screws to attach the leash, this part has a single screw. It is also narrower than a standard rail saver, which reduces drag. A rail saver usually has velcro that goes over the leash.

Rail savers work by connecting to the leash plug or rail on the back of the surfboard. The leash cord is normally made of polyurethane. Thicker cords are stronger, but they can cause more drag. The rail saver is designed to protect your board's rails from cord tangling.

The rail saver 84 has a sleeve 86 that provides additional protection. This sleeve is designed to prevent the cord loop 88 from being unfolded. The sleeve may have a drainage hole to help the cord remain in place.

Repairing a Snapped Leash

Snapping a surf leash is an unfortunate and frustrating experience. A broken surf leash can ruin a perfect surf session, especially in heavy surf. It can also cause you to paddle in or fall off the board, which can ruin your day. In order to avoid this, you need to repair a snapped surf leash quickly and easily. You can do this by using a temporary repair mechanism such as a Surf ResQ.

The first step to repairing a snapped surf leash involves a quick fix for the leash's pin. First, you need to open the snapped plug and fill it with resin. Once the resin hardens, you'll have a pilot hole that's centered. To ensure the hole is centered, you may want to use dividers to determine where the plug has a perfect center. Then, use a hole saw to drill through the plug, making sure to mark the depth you need.

Having a leash that's in great condition is essential for a great surfing experience. A good leash should be long-lasting, but if yours is not, consider replacing it immediately. While you're at it, check it out carefully before each session. Make sure that no velcro or swivel has snapped. Also, wash the leash thoroughly in fresh water.

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