How Do You Shrink a T-Shirt That's Too Big?

June 14, 2022 3 min read

Before you attempt to shrink a t-shirt, you must know what kind of fabric it is. Cotton and rayon are both good choices, but there are exceptions to these rules. Avoid using too hot or warm water. Then, you must choose the appropriate shrinking cycle. If you can't decide on a specific cycle, follow the instructions in this article.

Avoid Using Warm or Hot Water

The best way to wash a T-SHIRT that'd be too small is to hang it to dry. Then, you can turn it inside out to prevent fading of the outer surface. Avoid exposing the T-Shirt to sunlight, as it can fade the color. It's best to use a hanger that has a wide base to distribute the weight evenly.

Depending on the type of fabric, some t-Shirts may be sensitive to heat and shrink if washed in high temperatures. You can use special settings in your washing machine to minimize creases. However, if your T-Shirt is very dark, use cold water to wash it. You can use a cool or 40-degree machine for white shirts.

Avoid Shrinking a T-Shirt With Print or Graphics

If you're trying to avoid shrinking a t-shirt that has a print or graphics, it's vital that you know how to handle stains and other issues that may come up when you shrink it. To prevent damage to the print or graphics, you need to treat stains before you start the process. Besides, some stains are more difficult to treat and can even ruin the entire shirt.

First, avoid ironing a t-shirt with a graphic or print. Ironing a graphic t-shirt can cause it to shrink. To minimize the impact of the iron on the graphic, use a pressing cloth and avoid ironing directly on the shirt. For t-shirts with print or graphics, you can also use a buffer to prevent the printing from fading.

Avoid Shrinking a T-Shirt With Rayon

If you've accidentally shrunk your favorite t-shirt made of rayon, you should know that it can be repaired. Simply lay it out flat on a dry towel and gently stretch it to restore its original shape. Next, wash it in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent. When you're done, gently squeeze the fabric to blend the water into the fibers. You can then air dry or hang it to dry.

If you can't find the care label, or you're unsure about the brand of fabric, try to remember that rayon is often not 100% rayon. Most rayon fabrics will have a percent label, but if there's no label, it's best to treat it as if it were 100% rayon to avoid shrinking. Be sure to read the care label before washing the garment.

Avoid Shrinking a T-Shirt With Cotton

If you have a t-shirt that's one size too small, you should avoid shrinking it. Generally, a t-shirt will shrink a few sizes, but stretching it can cause tears and weaken the fabric. Here are some laundry tips for t-shirts that are too big:

Using hot water to shrink a cotton t-shirt may not be a good idea. Hot water breaks down the fibers of the cotton, and colors tend to fade. However, white shirts may be able to be washed in hot water without fading the design. While this method may not work, it's safe and usually will help your t-shirt stay in shape.

Avoid Shrinking a T-Shirt With Synthetic Fibers

While most clothing does shrink, there are certain factors to consider before you shrink a t-shirt. Cotton and wool are two of the easiest fabrics to shrink. Cotton garments are the best option for this process, as they do not often shrink as much as other fabrics. Avoid touching silk or other delicate fabrics when you shrink them, as the heat can damage them. In addition, synthetic fibers don't typically shrink.

Using a steam-heating cycle is another way to avoid shrinking a t-shirt that is too big. To do this, simply lay the t-shirt flat on the steam table. Repeat this process until you get the desired shrinkage. However, it is crucial that you check your t-shirt after each cycle to ensure that it's still the proper size.

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