How Long Does It Take to Whitewater Raft 5 Miles?

June 30, 2022 2 min read

There are a few things to consider when planning a whitewater rafting trip. First of all, you'll want to wear comfortable clothing. Cotton clothing tends to make you feel cold, and the water can be pretty chilly in early spring. You can rent wet suits and paddling jackets for the day to keep you warm. Be sure to check the weather before your trip so you know what to pack.

1 1/2 - 2 Hours

If you're looking for a great whitewater adventure, look no further than the Middle Ocoee River. This section of the river is known for its continuous class III and IV rapids. You'll need at least twelve years of age to participate, and the trip will take approximately one and a half hours, not including gear check and transportation. This is an exciting way to experience the thrills of whitewater rafting!

For families, scout groups, church groups, or corporate team building, the American River offers some of the best river activities around. There's a whitewater rafting company just 3 miles away! It's an inexpensive alternative to the expensive activity, and ideal for families with young children. Everyone three and older can participate, making it a great day out for everyone.

3 Miles

If you're pressed for time but don't want to sign up for a full day of whitewater rafting, the Toccoa River Tubing Company offers tubing, paddle boarding, and canoeing trips on the Toccoa River. Located about 3 miles away from Whitewater RAFT, this company's inexpensive and family-friendly tubing trips are a great alternative to the more expensive activity.


A whitewater rafting trip can be expensive, but it's well worth it when you're able to take on the challenge. Some companies offer shorter trips through the middle and upper sections of the river, which can be cheaper and just as fun. However, there are several things to keep in mind before you book. Here are a few tips for saving money on your trip. Read on to learn how to find the best deal.

The most popular river to go whitewater rafting on is the Ocoee River. This trip covers about 10 miles of river, and includes a picnic lunch midway through. Tickets cost $75 per person and are available for half or full days. You must be at least 12 years old to go on a rafting trip, and most companies allow participants to join a half or full day of rafting. The trip typically lasts about three hours from check-in to check-out.


The rafting section of the Raft 5 miles is known as the Class VI rapids. These rapids are the most challenging because they are unpredictable and almost impossible to rescue in case of a mishap. Those who are experienced in whitewater rafting can only attempt these rapids on favorable water levels. In addition to the safety concerns of Class VI rapids, they also need to be inspected and run safely. If the conditions are not suitable for Class VI rapids, the river may be downgraded to a lower rating or even a Class 5.x.

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