How Long Should Your SUP Paddle Be?

July 27, 2022 3 min read

When determining how long your paddle should be, it is helpful to consider your own paddling style. You should increase the blade length of your SUP paddle by six to ten inches over your surfing paddle. For example, a touring paddle will be a lot shorter than a surfing paddle, so you may want to consider purchasing a mid-sized one for your SUP. Mid-sized paddles are also great for surfing.

Adjustable-Length Paddles Are Great For All Paddling Styles

Adjustable-length paddles are the perfect choice for people who use their kayaks for multiple activities, or for commercial use. They're also a great option for beginners, and can be broken down into two or four pieces for transport. These kayak paddles are lightweight, and can easily be stored and transported. In addition, adjustable paddles are great for beginners, and are also an excellent spare. You can find prices for adjustable-length kayak paddles below.

Adjustable-length paddles can be used by people of all sizes and styles. You can measure your paddle length by holding it vertically and reaching over the blade. Your fingers should curl over the blade at about two-thirds of its length. Once you have measured the length, you can choose a paddle that best suits your body size. If you are short, you can try paddles that are slightly longer to reduce strain on your joints.

Nylon Blades Are Better Than Carbon Shafts

When comparing the two types of SUP paddles, it's important to consider the strength of the shaft, blade and the material paddles are made from. Carbon shafts are stronger, but fiberglass paddles are brittle and can bend a lot. Nylon blades are flexible, so they will not flex as easily, but carbon will hold up to the pressure of your paddle stroke. However, you may find yourself losing a lot of power due to spill.

The size of the SUP paddle blade is also important. If you're a larger paddler, you'll be able to pull bigger paddle blades through the water. To determine which size of blade is best for you, compare the surface area in square inches. The larger the surface area, the more energy you will expend, and the more propulsion you'll get out of the paddle.

Touring Paddles Are Smaller

While surfing paddles tend to be longer and have larger blade surfaces, touring paddles are usually shorter and smaller. A smaller paddle blade allows for a more powerful stroke and less stress on the shoulders. Another feature to consider is the length of the paddle. A paddle blade that is too long will strain the arm muscles, while a shorter paddle is ideal for surfing or long distance paddling. A shorter paddle will also give you more control and acceleration. A longer paddle that made of high-quality materials will improve your top speed and increase your energy efficiency.

When buying a paddle, make sure you purchase one that fits properly for your height. Paddles should be 6'' (15 cm) longer than your height, or the length of a thumbs-up gesture above your head. For a longer paddle, choose one that's four to six inches (10 cm) longer than your height. For a shorter paddle, make sure the shaft is longer than your head, and that it sits close to your eyebrows.

Mid-Sized Paddles Work Well For Surfing

Paddles are generally divided into three types: surf, cruising, and touring. Surf paddles have a larger surface area, which provides extra leverage against the water and is ideal for bracing. Surf paddles are also used for SUP racing and white-water adventures. Cruiser paddles, on the other hand, have a smaller surface area, which places less stress on the arms and is more versatile for long distance paddling. Mid-sized paddles are good options for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Another consideration when choosing a paddle is blade shape. Some paddlers find that a tear-drop-shaped blade is more efficient because it pushes the water more with every stroke. But, there is no hard-and-fast rule when choosing a paddle blade shape. You'll soon find the one that works for you. Here are a few characteristics of tear-drop paddles:

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