How Many Aquatic Sports Are in the Olympics?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

Did you know that the Olympics include several different kinds of water sports? Among them are diving and swimming. If you're interested in knowing more about aquatic sports, read on! There are many different types of water sports, including synchronized swimming, surfing, and canoeing. There are even special games like water polo. Water sports and Olympics go together, however, not all aquatic sports are included in the Olympics.


Canoeing is one of the few sports where the athletes sit in a boat and paddle. It is similar to track and field events, but in canoeing, the athletes must control their strength, speed, and power to complete the race. They also need to determine the correct timing, deciding when to increase speed and when to enter the final sprint. Timing is important in canoe sprints because it can either win medals or wear out the athlete. The sport is very competitive, with doubles, four-person, and mixed teams and is also among three aquatic sports that Olympics support.

During the 20th century, canoeing began as a sport in the 1930s, and the Soviet Union was a major player in the sport. They dominated the 1960s with only one event open to women, and Britain's canoes were slow and unattractive. However, in the 1960s, Britain was a strong presence and won 0 medals. In the 1960s, the Soviet Union and Great Britain fought over canoeing, with the latter skipping the Games in favour of their own nation.


How many aquatic sports are in the Olympics? Which sports in Olympics are happening on the water? Athletes in these events perform various body motions in water and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Diving is one of the oldest and most popular aquatic sports, and it was first introduced to the Olympics in 1904. This sport is regulated by the International Swimming Federation and attracts great viewership because of its daring nature. In addition to diving, swimming and synchronized swimming are also part of the Olympics.

In addition to diving, there are synchronized and solo events in various types of water. Each individual dive is graded on its difficulty, including its approach, flight, and water entry. The sport has been dominated by the United States since 1904, with more than 100 medals won. In Tokyo, four-time Olympic gold medalist David Boudia will compete in the 3m dive. Other women's Olympic athletes have a strong chance of medaling in this sport.

Synchronized Swimming

The first mass performance of synchronized swimming occurred in 1934, during the World's Fair in Chicago. A number of swim clubs experimented with floating patterns and water stunts, prioritising form and group work. Later, Katharine Curtis added music to the poolside gramophone, naming her invention rhythmic swimming. Curtis organized the first international competition in 1934 and was a medallist at the same games.

The sport of synchronised swimming began in the 1980s, making its Olympic debut in Los Angeles. It is a team sport where competitors perform short routines to music that is scored according to various components. Women are currently the only competitors in the competition. The sport is widely regarded as a spectator-pleasing sport, but some athletes choose to compete in solo events. In the Olympics, only women compete in the sport.


Sailing, surfing and water polo are all examples of aquatic sports. Sailing is an activity that involves moving across water in a boat propelled by wind. Sailing competitions include closed-course, coast and large lakes events, as well as ocean racing, in which competing vessels navigate the open ocean. The America's Cup Race is an international yacht race where crews compete for their country. Other water sports include swimming, sailing, windsurfing and water skiing.

The Olympic Committee adds new water sports every year, so it is not surprising that surfing will be included in the 2020 Summer Olympics. The International Surfing Association will be the governing body for surfing. The competitions will feature both men and women. The sport has both men's and women's divisions. The Olympics is a great way to stay active and stay healthy while competing. And the Olympics are the perfect venue to compete in these new aquatic sports.

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