How Many Work Outfits Should a Man Have?

May 23, 2022 2 min read

So, how many work outfits should a man have? The rule of thumb for most professional men is no more than twenty. That means a man can wear a different shirt for nearly every day of the week, and most of those shirts will look great with jeans. But for most men, 20 is probably too many. A more realistic limit would be five to ten dress shirts.

30 Shirts

According to ClosetMaid, the average American woman has 103 items in her wardrobe. Most women own twenty to thirty t-shirts, tank tops, and blouses. Women usually own a total of five to seven dress shirts. The number of dress shirts a woman needs varies depending on her lifestyle, comfort level, and job dress code. Most men have no more than seven dress shirts, so seven should be plenty.

It's important to own a dress shirt. If you're going to a job interview, you want to look presentable and professional. A dress shirt is also a great option for social gatherings such as funerals, weddings, or casual dinners. A man's dress shirt collection should include at least four dress shirts. It's acceptable to have a few different colors and styles of dress shirts, but the number should not exceed six.

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A man in his 30s should stick with a neutral color palette and stay away from multi-patterned or print-filled garments. A Checks shirt and a classic cardigan are perfect choices for this age group. Pattern line stripes on men's workwear do not need to be bold or distracting - try to stick with stripes that are small and subtle. This way, the stripes will not overwhelm the rest of the man's appearance.
30 tees

The t-shirt is not the most flattering garment, no matter what the man's size or shape. Generally speaking, it's better to wear more streamlined clothes when making a first impression. Nonetheless, tees are great for around-the-house wear, catching up with old friends, and running errands. They're not the best choice for parties and meeting new people, though.

30 Blazers

Whether you're attending a business meeting, a charity event, or an important date, there are a lot of reasons to dress sharply. From criss-cross checks to animal prints, there's a blazer for every occasion. Blazers have long been a staple of men's workwear, but now they're available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Blazers come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but navy is the foundation color. The two-button single-breasted style is the most common, and the more light shades will begin to resemble sports jackets. If you're short or tall, however, a three-button jacket will work best for you. Look for a jacket that features a slim peak lapel and flapless pockets to help slim down your appearance.

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