How Often Should I Change My Surfboard Leash?

September 15, 2022 3 min read

It is essential to have a strong and sturdy surfboard leash to prevent the board from breaking in the water. A leash should also have proper elasticity. Leashes with too little elasticity will break easily. Changing your leash after every season is also important, particularly if you surf big waves. You should replace it after three to four years depending on the type of surfing you do.

Surfboard Leash

Changing your surfboard leash is an important part of surfing safety. You should check the length of your leash often to see if it has become too short or too long. Both of these issues can cause the leash to break or drag when hitting the waves. A good rule of thumb is to change your leash every three to four years, or at least once a season if you are a big wave surfer.

Most leashes come with a swivel to prevent them from getting tangled. Some also come with rail savers, which protect the rails of your board. Urethane cord can damage the rails, so make sure to get one that is made with a detachable rail saver.

The length of your surfboard leash should be at least one foot longer than the board itself. Choose a leash that is close to the board's length, but not too long, as it will eventually stretch and become shorter.

Changing a Surfboard Leash

Changing a surfboard leash is an important step to taking to prevent your board from rolling in rough waters. It's also important to choose the correct length of leash. A surfboard leash should be long enough to hold the board securely in place. It should not be too long or too short because this will cause the leash to drag when hitting waves. Ideally, you should change your leash every two to three years depending on the type of surfing you do.

First, make sure the string knot is at the halfway mark. Next, thread the railsaver through the loop between the leash knot and the plug. The railsaver should have a crease between the two velcro pads. Trim excess string if necessary to make it neater.

While adjusting the length of your leash, keep in mind the length of your surfboard. Longer surfboards will need longer leashes, while shorter ones will require shorter ones. A leash should be at least four inches longer than the board's length. A shorter leash will put the board's tail rail at risk of hitting the rider when it falls.

Sizing a Surfboard Leash

When shopping for a surfboard leash, be sure to select the appropriate size for your board. For example, an ankle leash is usually the appropriate size for a board that is less than seven feet long. Bigger boards should be equipped with a longer, more durable leash. Big wave leashes are designed with quick-release safety clips and extra-thick cords. They also feature rail savers for additional safety.

When choosing a leash, make sure the string doesn't extend past the tail of your surfboard. The force of the leash cord can cut through the tail, damaging it. Also, make sure the rail saver is attached to the leash's chord. Finally, choose a stainless-steel swivel to prevent tangles. There are generally four different types of leashes for surfboards.

Leashes come in various lengths, ranging from five to twelve feet long. Choosing the right one depends on the length of your board, your surfing level, and your body weight. A general rule is that you should choose the leash length equal to the length of your board. However, leashes will stretch with use.

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