How Thick Should Your Surf Booties Be?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

The question of how thick your surf booties should be is an important one. You need to choose a pair that won't restrict circulation or force your toes to curl. Surf booties must also be form-fitting and comfortable without large spaces that will allow your foot to slide. Besides, too much water can weigh you down. It is important to have the right size for a good fit.

3mm to 7mm

There are many types of surfing booties, but they all have a few things in common. The main reason is that they are designed for warmth, and the thickness of the sole will ensure that your feet don't get frostbite. A good pair of surf booties will also match the thickness of your wetsuit. Choosing the right size and style for you is crucial. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pair of booties.

The first thing you should know about surfing booties is what type of water you are going to be surfing in. Usually, you can surf on the beach in a variety of temperatures. If you plan on surfing in cold water, you'll need to buy a pair that is 3mm to 7mm thick. The best choice for cold water is the Patagonia XCEL Drylock Celliant. These boots are 7mm thick and made of 100% XCEL-innovated Channel Flex neoprene. These boots have a durable sole and a well-fitted ergonomic fit.

Rip Curl's Flashbomb Split Toe Boots

The Rip Curl's Flash Bomb Split Toe Boot is the perfect choice for surfing. This style is warm and quick to dry thanks to the revolutionary Flash Lining. The Boot is also made with a stitch-less, single-layer sole and has an anti-stitch lining for added comfort. The removable inner liner keeps the foot warm while you surf and features a heel pull for a secure fit.

These split-toe winter boots are made from super-soft neoprene with a high-pile fluffy lining for a warm, dry interior. The boot's lightweight design reduces the risk of chafing as well as the time it takes to dry. They feature a flexible, textured grip for comfortable wear. The boot is made with a lining made of anti-bacterial material to reduce odor and keep your feet dry.

O'Neill's Superfreak Tropical Split Toe Boots

O'Neill's Superfreak 2mm Split Toe Boots are made with expertly designed features. Featuring an overlapping flat stitch and non-chafing sole, these boots are made for barreling in the tropics. They also have cutouts across the toes. The boot's upper layer is made of neoprene that is lightweight and breathable.

The Superfreak Tropical Split Toe Booties weigh only 0.7 pounds per pair, which makes them a great option for warm water. Their neoprene uppers provide insulation and flexibility. The boot's bottom part is made of fluid foam nylon and has rapid drain ports. The Superfreak is suitable for warm water conditions and is affordable for most people.

Rip Curl's XCEL Smart Fabric

When it comes to quality surfing apparel, Rip Curl is a global leader. The brand sponsors many top surfers including Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright, Owen Wright, Bethenn Hamilton, and Conner Coffin. The company also supports the community and looks for new locations where the surf can be better. Rip Curl's XCEL smart fabric is a popular choice for surf booties because of its high durability, warmth, and comfort.

The Solite Custom 6mm is an excellent option for surfers in cold water. These booties feature a metal-grid Thermal Rebound plush lining and are easy to put on and take off. A breathable inner liner keeps your feet dry and warm, while the stretch neoprene provides a comfortable fit. This fabric keeps your feet warm without restricting movement.

Rip Curl's Superfreak Tropical Split Toe Boots

The Rip Curl's Superfreack Tropical Split Toe Boots are built with neoprene uppers and a flash lining inside. The combination provides warmth while in the water and quick evaporation when out of it. These boots feature a double-glued neoprene sole and two points of adjustment, including a stretchy arch strap and a form-fitting ankle strap. The booties' linings are made with anti-microbial technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, making them ideal for the beach or pool.

These two-layer split toe booties are designed with expertly-designed details and features. A Flatloc Stitched overlapping sole is breathable and super durable, and an overlapping flat stitch makes the boots very comfortable to wear. They also feature cutouts along the toe for a secure fit. A textured rubber outsole is durable and offers traction and grip on the water.

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