How to Make an Outdoor Beer Cooler

August 30, 2022 4 min read

The first step to building your own outdoor beer cooler is to find a sturdy cooler. You can purchase a 3-gallon rectangular cooler from a hardware store. The cooler should rest flat on the ground and be insulated with thick foam. Using thick foam is more effective than thin insulation and will cost more. You will want to purchase a lid to your cooler as well.

Using Cedar

If you'd like an outdoor beer cooler but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can easily create your own. While you can purchase a beer cooler already built, you can make it more attractive by constructing it from cedar. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay, and the oils in cedar help preserve the wood. Cedar is also easy to work with, and Jim West's Knotty Western Red Cedar bar turned out to be an excellent starting point. Western Red Cedar is also naturally weather-resistant, and will hold a wide range of finishes, including stain.

To make the cooler's lid and table, start by measuring and cutting the wood you'll need. You'll need at least a 1/16" gap between the two pieces, which will allow the cooler lid to open and close smoothly. Once you've cut the wood, attach the 1x2s to the 1x6s using a screwdriver. You'll also need to screw or glue trim pieces to the underside of the lid, which will cover the opening of the cooler. You can also build beer cooler tube.

Using Pine 2x4's Instead of Cedar

Using cedar to make a cooler can be expensive, so if you want to save money, you should use pine. You can substitute pine for cedar, which will cost about the same as one foot of cedar. The next step is to cut the legs using a miter saw and then adjust them to fit the dimensions of your patio outdoor cooler. After you have cut the legs, you can add a ledge to hold the cooler in place.

Using pine 2x4's instead will save you money, too. You can find pre-cut pine at Home Depot. You can stain or paint it after it's been outdoors for several years. You can also build a tabletop with a small drinks cooler instead of a full-sized one. Remember to leave space for the lid to open.

Using a Pumpkin

Using a pumpkin as an outdoor beer cooler has many benefits. It keeps drinks cold and is easy to clean. Additionally, you can display it on your porch or deck. This Halloween-themed cooler is a great decoration and will have your guests guessing as to what it is. Here's how to carve a pumpkin to be a beer cooler. First, decapitate the pumpkin. Once you've removed the head, trace the bottom of the bottle. Once you're satisfied with the design, fill the pumpkin with ice and add a lid.

To make the pumpkin cooler, cut a hole in the top. Next, scoop out the pumpkin's pulp with a metal spoon. Then, use a large piece of rope and two-inch washers to attach the rope to the pumpkin. Then, you can paint or draw a design on the outside of the pumpkin. Be careful when removing the pumpkin's skin, as its guts are messy. If possible, use newspaper to protect your counter tops.

Using a Sewing Machine to Attach a Lid

If you've always wanted an outdoor beer cooler but don't want to spend money on an expensive one, you can easily make one yourself. First, gather the necessary materials. Cut a piece of 3/4'' thick rigid insulation or aluminum to the size of the lid. Use construction adhesive to secure it in place. Once the insulation is in place, cut a piano hinge to a length of 20-1/2". Make sure that the ends are symmetrical and secure. Now, you can fill the cooler with your favorite beverage.

Use a 2x4 to form a frame for the lid. Screw it into the top frame with 2 inch screws. Then, cut four 1x2s to fit the top of the cooler. You should leave a 1/16" gap on each side so that the lid opens smoothly. Then, attach the 1x2s to the underside of the lid using screws or glue.

Using a Pumpkin as a Cooler Stand

Instead of buying a plastic cooler stand, use a pumpkin as a stand. A pumpkin can be used as a cooler for your drinks and food. A smaller pumpkin can be used as a serving bowl for dips and soups. A larger pumpkin can be filled with ice and used as a small cooler for drinks. You can also use the pumpkin as a table or counter top. This project can save you a lot of money.

Whether you want to use an uncarved pumpkin or a carved one, using a pumpkin is a fun way to make a cooler stand. First, choose a pumpkin with a flat bottom. Make sure to cut a hole large enough for the drinks inside. Cut out the top and bottom of the pumpkin, if it's too narrow to fit the drinks inside. Clean the pumpkin and dry it out to prevent rotting.

Using a Dresser

Using an old dresser as an outdoor beer cooler is a great way to store your favorite beverage. The dresser can be used in so many ways, from a simple patio table to an ice chest. It can be a functional piece of furniture or a stylish decoration for your backyard. A dresser can also double as a table top. Here's how to build a dresser outdoor cooler. Try to make a draft beer cooler!

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