How to Make Easy Silly Hats

September 01, 2022 3 min read

You can make a paper hat using construction paper. First, take 2 sheets of construction paper. Place a line of tape across one side. Then, fold the paper width-wise. Fold the top corners down and the bottom flap upward. This will form the hat's bottom flap. Then, fold the sides together. This is the finished construction paper hat. You can make many creative hats for your kid!

DIY Mermaid Hat

A DIY mermaid hat is the perfect party favor for a girl's birthday. A DIY mermaid hat looks like a mermaid tail diving into a sea of blue tissue fringe. This cut-and-glue project will help you to create unique hats for your guests. Each hat can be personalized with different colors and embellishments. Whether you're planning a mermaid party for a child or an adult, these hats will surely make a girl feel like a princess.

First, you can make a mermaid tail by cutting a piece of construction paper into a mermaid tail shape. Make sure that it fits into the opening of the cone. Next, you can paint the hat's brim with metallic bronze paint. When the hat is fully dried, you can add the mermaid scales and the base of the hat. Make sure to let the hat dry completely before you put it on your head.

DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

Making a DIY paper dinosaur hat for your child is easy, and it will keep your child happy playing pretend! To make the hat, start by cutting out four pieces of 2-inch-wide paper. Two of these strips will form the headband, and the other two will form the cross-pieces, on which you will attach the spikes. Next, fold the strips into diamond shapes. Cut out the spikes and stick them to the strips, making sure that the spikes are attached tightly. After they are dry, you can start the construction process.

Then, cut out dinosaur scales and attach them to the hat using paper clips or clothespins. This is a fun and easy way to make a dinosaur hat with minimal time! The hat will look adorable, and your kids will love wearing it. If your child isn't into dinosaurs, they can also use the paper hat as a decoration. There are tons of ways to decorate a paper hat, and it doesn't require any sewing!

DIY "Angry Birds" Birthday Hat

Your child will love a DIY "Angry Birds" birthday t-shirt and hat. The kids can even play an angry bird-themed game. First, write the names of each guest on the beaks of a bird. Then, put clear tape on the back of the bird, blindfold the guests, and spin the bird three times. If the winner of the game can reach the beak of the closest bird, they win!

After printing out free printable templates, you can begin creating your DIY "Angry Birds" birthday t-shirt. You can also make your own "Angry Birds" hats using black felt and pipe cleaners. For more detail, you can cut pipe cleaners into various shapes and attach them to the hat. Another fun activity is making paper visors. These paper hats can be customized to fit the child's head size and style. Try making birthday hat from paper plate!

DIY Papier Mache Hat

To make a DIY papier mache hat, you will need a plastic hat mold that will fit on your head. Make sure to grease the mold with petroleum jelly and cover it with aluminum foil. Make sure to leave extra lengths of foil at the mouth and base. Then, use three layers of papier mache to cover the plastic mold. Once the hat is dry, you can paint it and decorate it.

You can also use a balloon to make a hat mold. Make sure the balloon is the same size as your head. A plastic pot, bucket, or large plastic bowl is also a good option. You can also use the bottom half of a gallon-sized water bottle. If you don't have a plastic hat mold, you can use the bottom half of a gallon-size water bottle. In either case, you'll need to follow steps two through four.

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