How to Picnic on the Beach - Beach Picnic Essentials

August 02, 2022 4 min read

There are many things you should take with you when going on a beach picnic, but there are certain essentials you should bring with you. Here's a quick run-down on some essentials. Cooler boxes, Charcuterie board, Wine glasses, Plates, and more. All these things will make your day at the beach more enjoyable.

Cooler Boxes

While some coolers are large and sturdy, they're not necessarily ideal for picnicking on the beach. Drinks will be opened more often and will likely warm up quickly, but your food will stay colder for longer. There are two main types of cooler boxes: hard-bodied solid insulated coolers and soft, durable bags lined with waterproof insulating material. If you plan on carrying a large amount of food, consider buying two coolers.

For easy portability, a picnic tote is a great option. This type of bag features a insulated cooler at the bottom that keeps the food cold. It also features mesh panels on the top so that you can easily see what's inside. This picnic tote comes with a removable bottle holder. It also comes with a convenient handle that doubles as a handle. The Black + Blum cooler bag can be easily stored when not in use.

Charcuterie Board

You probably don't need a charcuterie board for a beach picnic, but this delicious platter is a must-have! It provides a wide variety of protein, sweet and savory complements and makes an excellent light alternative to traditional picnic fare. Knowing how to make picnic food is knowing how to make a picnic. In addition, a charcuterie platter can give you an opportunity to show off your culinary skills by pairing the savory bites with sweet or savory accompaniments.

In addition to a charcuterie board, you should also bring a cutting board. The sand on the beach is often uneven, so anything you're displaying will likely topple over. However, a cutting board is an ideal solution for a picnic, since it provides a level surface to serve food without risking damage. Choose a large or small board to display your cheeses and meats.

Wine Glasses

Taking your picnic to the beach is a fun way to enjoy a glass of wine, but if you want to avoid getting sand in the glass, consider buying beach wine glasses. You can buy these reusable glass containers at The Beach Glass. And if you don't want to buy special wine glasses for your beach picnic, you can purchase regular wine glasses that are designed for indoor use.

These disposable wine glasses are made of BPA-free plastic and feature finger indentation for a secure grip. These glassware also double as mini-coolers. When not in use, you can also purchase disposable wine glasses for easy clean up. However, if you're going to use the glasses more than once, you may find them too expensive. If you're not sure, you can buy a set of disposable ones for a small amount. Taking care of enviroment is knowing how to take a picnic on the beach!


Unlike plastic, paper napkins are less likely to get knocked over and won't blow away in strong winds. This is an eco-friendly option that won't sacrifice durability for aesthetic appeal. Not only is paper good for the environment, it can also be used to wipe down board and glass surfaces and protect your food from sand. Besides being environmentally-friendly, it also helps reduce the amount of plastic used.

While preparing food for a picnic on the beach, it's important to have all the supplies you'll need. A picnic blanket, spill-proof glassware, waterproof speakers, and portable cocktail kits are all great beach picnic supplies. It's also a good idea to have wet wipes available so you can wipe away a few crumbs while enjoying the scenery. Lastly, choose reusable containers for ice or water to avoid any messy spills.


Despite the beautiful beach, towels aren't the best option for a beach picnic. Often, they have flyaway corners and tend to accumulate sand on your food. To avoid such a problem, take a large picnic blanket or a tablecloth. Both of these items give you plenty of room to spread out and wash if anything spills. They are also easy to wash, so they're a great alternative to napkins.

Before you head to the beach, make sure you pack your snacks and drinks in containers. You should have ice packs, fruits, and snacks on the bottom. Also, remember to pack your food in sealed containers. Another essential item is napkins. While paper napkins are fine, you might want to consider fabric napkins if you'd like to stay green. If you're on a budget, consider using an eco-friendly cloth napkin or a disposable one.


You've probably heard about the importance of sunblock, but how can you tell if you've got the right one? According to Dr. Alexandra Kuritzky, a dermatologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, SPF, or sun protection factor, is the measurement of how much additional protection a particular sunscreen offers. The higher the SPF, the better - a higher SPF will keep you from sunburn for a longer time.

The obvious beach picnic essential is sunscreen. You need protection from the sun's UV rays, but even the floppy hat doesn't protect you enough on a hot day. In addition, you can't afford to be outside all day without sunscreen. Fortunately, sunscreen is available in many forms, including spray bottles, lotions, lip balms, and even cosmetics. Even if the sky is cloudy, the UV rays can penetrate the clouds and still damage your skin.

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