How to Start a Kayak Without Getting Wet

June 24, 2022 4 min read

Getting wet isn't fun, so if you want to know how to start a kayak without getting wet, keep reading. Practicing the wet exit before you start your kayak is key. It's also helpful to balance yourself in the kayak and protect yourself from falling out without getting wet. Avoid paddling too high to prevent falling in and getting wet.

Practice the Wet Exit Before Starting a Kayak

One of the first steps in learning how to capsize a kayak is to practice the wet exit. Many kayaking instructors use this technique, which is called the roll position. It essentially means reaching for the grab loop located in the front area of the cockpit coaming. Practice with someone beside you. If you're new to kayaking, ask a professional to supervise your wet exit practice.

While this method may seem scary, it is actually easier than it sounds. It is also one of the most important kayaking skills. Practiced wet exits will give you the confidence to perform one properly. If you can successfully exit the kayak in this way, you'll be better prepared for the real thing. You can also get a nose clip for extra safety. It's recommended to get a nose clip when practicing the wet exit, as it will help prevent water from entering your face.

Balance Yourself in a Kayak Without Getting Wet

You may have heard the phrase, "Balance yourself in a kayak without getting wet," and you may want to practice the skill in a safe and controlled manner. Even though you are only a few feet from the water when you first enter your kayak, it is crucial that you remain balanced in the vessel. In fact, you can easily get wet even if you're careful to balance yourself in your kayak.

One of the most challenging aspects of floating kayaks is getting into them. To balance yourself in a kayak without getting wet, you need to sit on the dock and rotate your upper body toward the bow of the kayak. Make sure to keep your center of gravity low and keep your knees protected from any water spray. Once you're in the kayak, use your feet to propel yourself forward. The best way to do this is to use one foot at a time. You should also purchase waterproof boots or shoes to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Protect Yourself From Falling out of a Kayak Without Getting Wet

The first step to protecting yourself from falling out of a kayak is to remain calm. Avoid trying to fight the water and get to shore as quickly as possible. It is also important to secure your paddle, which can be stored out of the way or tied to the kayak with a bungee. A fellow kayaker can also help you push out the water if you cannot get out on your own.

When standing in a kayak, you should paddle into about a foot or two of water and swing your legs out to the side. You should not be touching the ground when you first stand up in your kayak. Hold onto the kayak deck and push yourself up to the shore using your hands. If your kayak is not a stable structure, hold onto it while slowly lowering your weight into the seat.

Avoid High Paddle Angle

When you first start paddling your kayak, it is important to avoid a high paddle angle. This creates a wide path for water to drop down the shaft, making it easy to get wet. A paddle drip ring will prevent most water from running down the shaft, but they won't prevent the water completely from entering the kayak. When choosing a paddle, it's a good idea to choose one with a flat blade to reduce the water's flow.

Keeping your paddle at a shallow angle is also important. When starting a kayak, people tend to splash themselves. It's very annoying, especially when other kayakers are nearby. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase paddles with spray skirts. This way, water won't drip down the shaft into the kayak's cockpit. Using paddles with spray skirts is also a good idea if you plan to spend extended periods paddling.

Using EZ Launch Docks to Launch a Kayak From the Shore

Using EZ Launch docks to launch your kayak from the shore without getting wet is a convenient way to enjoy water sports in your boat. Traditional kayak launch systems require the user to step into the water. These docks offer a safe, convenient, and water-level-dependent way to launch and recover a kayak from the shore. EZ Launch docks are designed for easy access to both fixed and floating docks and are made from recycled polyethylene rubber.

EZ Launch docks offer security and stability while launching your kayak. The one-piece design is adjustable to accommodate varying water levels and includes launch assist paddle notches. EZ Launch docks have a V-shaped entry center and can be installed just about anywhere, including on a deck or patio. These docks are perfect for beginner kayakers. You don't need to worry about getting wet when using one.

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