How to Stop White Water Rafting If You Get Into Trouble

June 29, 2022 3 min read

If you fall out of your raft while white water rafting, grab the outside safety line and wait for help. If no one is near you, ask for a paddle or throw bag, a device with a rope attached to it. You can then throw the rope to an overboard rafter. If you're still floating, assume the proper whitewater swimming position with your feet pointed downstream and your toes and nose above the water.

Using Sunscreen

While rafting in a hot river, you should remember to use sunscreen. Ensure that your hat and sunglasses have a chin strap and a retaining strap. Wear polarized sunglasses, as they provide greater protection from the sun and will help you avoid glare. Wear long-sleeved shirts, too. This way, your toes will stay dry.

Sunscreen is a must for all outdoor activities, but it is especially important when you're rafting in a river. Despite the breathable nature of your rafting jackets and pants, the reflection of the water from the river can cause you to get sunburned in unexpected places. You may even lose your shirt and pants in the water. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen for the trip, and bring your own.

Keeping Feet Secured in the Raft

When rafting, there are several things you need to keep in mind to ensure your feet stay secure. First of all, make sure you wear comfortable footwear. Guests should wear shoes or sandals. It is not recommended to have bare feet, especially if you are not used to rough terrain. Your feet should be secured with socks and a pair of plastic sandals. This way, your feet won't fall out during the trip.

Another important factor is to wear proper footwear. Shoes with tight heels are more likely to fly off during the trip. During colder months, wool socks or neoprene socks are best for whitewater rafting, as these materials keep your feet warmer. Shoes should never be too loose, as they could slide off when you lean over. You also don't want to end up in the water without shoes, which could cause injury.

Avoiding Rapids

There are several ways to avoid rapids while on a white water raging trip. When navigating a rapid, one must remain floatable while watching for an approaching rock or wave. Float on your back while pointing downstream and watch for eddies. Avoid submerged bushes, rocks, and boulder strainers. These objects can cause you to fall or cause you to raise onto the wave.

The first tip to avoid rapids while on a white water raging trip is to wear comfortable clothing. Wearing loose fitting clothes can lead to slippery wet clothes. If you wear glasses, you should tie them on. If you are on a long trip, it is also a good idea to tie your glasses on. You should also wear proper clothing, especially waterproof ones. Lastly, bring your rafting gear. Make sure you pack your kayak with adequate layers.

Keeping Dry

If you are on a white water rafting trip, you will learn how to stop white water rafting if you get into trouble. First, you will need to find a guide who is willing to throw a rope to you. Make sure to grab the rope just above your shoulder and face the raft. When you pull the rope, face the raft and try to pull yourself back into the raft.

Another key tip to remember is to always listen to your guide. While rafting, be sure to hold tightly to the raft. Never hold a cell phone or try to snap a picture with one hand. Do not overestimate your strength. Many people have fallen overboard while attempting to take a video with one hand. If you cannot swim to shore, try to reach a guide as quickly as you can.

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