How to Tie a Sarong Skirt

May 31, 2022 3 min read

So you've got a sarong - now what? How to tie a sarong skirt? Here are some tips to get the best out of this versatile item. There are two basic styles: halter and wraparound. Both start by wrapping the sarong evenly around your body, and end with a bow in the front or back. If you're aiming for a more laidback style, tie the sarong around your neck and tie it in front or at the back.

Versatility of a Sarong

Whether you want a beach-ready dress or a hippie-chic shawl, a sarong scarf can be your perfect wardrobe accessory. Its versatile use goes beyond fashion, as it doubles as a pillow case and an extension cable for mosquito nets. You can even wear it as a turban, belt, or hat, depending on where you want to go.

When it comes to practical use, the versatile sarong scarf is perfect for travel. It can be used to cover up your hair or shoulders when entering a public restroom. It also can serve as a shawl or a cover-up for other parts of your body when you're not wearing it. The sarong scarf's large size makes it perfect for a multitude of activities.

The versatility of a sarong scarf is hardly limited to travel. It can double as a mosquito net and a sheet, and it can also be used as a lightweight sleeping bag while camping or hiking. Listed below are some ways that a sarong scarf can be used. You can also use it to wrap your body like a towel. It will drape gracefully from head to toe, and you can even wear it as a shawl or cape!

Ways to Wear a Sarong

There are several ways to wear a sarong skirt. You can wear it as a sleeveless cardigan, belted at the waist. The straps should be tied at the back to give the top a nice shape and hold the sarong in place. You can also wear it loosely and belt it to show off its shape. You can even create a belted waist for an even better look.

One way to wear a sarong skirt is to fold it in half and wrap it around your waist and lower back. The long side should meet at the middle of your back. The other side should be pulled across your body, and the knot at the top should be tied at the shoulder. You can also tie the sarong at the neck to create a halter look. Here are some other ways to wear a sarong skirt:

Ways to Tie a Sarong Skirt

Traditionally, the sarong is tied into a toga by wrapping it around the back like a towel. The left and right corners should be wrapped over the shoulder, under the bust, and around the back. Taking the sarong from the back, bring the top corner over the shoulder from behind, and tie the ends in a double knot. This will create a side slit.

Another way to tie a sarong is to fold it in half and tie it at the back. Then, you can fold the fabric in half again and tie it with a bow, a double knot, or even a hair tie. Another popular style is a strapless dress, which is done by wrapping the sarong horizontally around the torso and the arms. To tie a sarong into a halter dress, grab both ends and pull them to the back. Once you've done that, tie the ends together at the base of the neck.

Ways to Wear a Sarong as a Dress

The many ways to wear a sarong as dress are almost too many to count. A sarong is a large piece of fabric that wraps around the body. Whether you're a summer bride or simply want to cover up from the sun, a sarong is a versatile and flattering choice. If you're not sure how to style it, check out some of these tips.

The simplest way to wear a sarong as dress is as a skirt. To tie a sarong as a dress, wrap it lengthwise around your body, crossing the ends at the bust. Then, tie the ends with a belt or a tie at the back of the neck. Another option is to drape the fabric over your shoulders and tie it at the waist.

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