How to Wear a Beach Wrap Skirt

May 31, 2022 3 min read

A Beach Wrap Skirt is a summer staple, and if you're wondering how to wear one, keep reading! Here are some tips on how to wear your new summer top! Check out our Styles and Materials article for more tips. Plus, find out about the different ways you can tie your pareo. Whether you're going to be wearing it on a chilly day or on a hot one, there are many ways to wear a wrap skirt!


The versatility of a sarong has made it a favorite of fashionistas, as the versatile fabric has inspired a variety of runway looks. Top designers like Brandon Maxwell and Tory Burch have opted to create sarongs with pinstripes and shimmer, while Johanna Ortiz has favored a botanic print. If you're looking for a beach wrap skirt that flatters your figure, the Brazilian style is the perfect choice.

There are different types of beach wear and the best beach cover-up is a lightweight linen dress or a maxi skirt, which provide comfort and breathability. A midi-length Anthropologie cover-up has a fitted bust and puff sleeves and gives off yacht-like vibes. Another stylish way to cover up is with a mini skirt. For example, a cotton mini skirt from Free People is considered activewear, thanks to its moisture-wicking material and flattering silhouette.


When choosing a Beach Wrap Skirt, consider the material. This versatile piece of beach clothing is made of soft, flowing chiffon fabric that is lightweight, comfortable, and quick to dry. You can also dress it up or down depending on the occasion. A sarong also comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. In addition to its comfort and versatility, it is also easy to tie and wear.

If you are unsure of how the skirt will fit, try holding up the pattern pieces to your torso. If they do not fit, start by baste the side seams with about half of the seam allowance. If you are unsure of your size, you can always make a muslin of the skirt with an inexpensive fabric. After all, the goal is to make a dress that you will be happy wearing again.

Tie a Pareo on the Chest

A paréo is a versatile summer accessory. This colorful garment can be worn on several different locations, from the neck and chest to the waist. When worn with leggings or pants, it makes for a chic beach look. There are many ways to tie a pareo, so there's bound to be one that suits your personal style. Here's how to tie one to create a strapless look:

To wear a pareo as a choker or scarf, make sure to choose a long, wide pareo. It's a fun way to reveal a bit of belly! If you choose not to wear your pareo on the shoulder, tie it on the chest. You can also tie it at the hips or shoulder blades. This will give you a draped effect, which is flattering and edgy.

Alternatives to a Maxi Skirt

A one-piece swimsuit combined with lightweight bottoms is the perfect way to get away from the heat and embrace the sun without feeling overly exposed. If you have trouble finding a one-piece that fits comfortably under a wrap skirt, you can also get a cover-up like a tunic dress. Made from viscose/cotton blend, these dresses are lightweight but thick enough not to be see-through. Alternatively, a tunic dress is a great option because it's easy to pack and nailing that boho beach goddess vibe. These tunics come in 33 different colors and feature pom-pom trim.

Another option for those who don't want to spend too much are midi skirts. These can look flirty and breezy and are perfect for the beach. In addition to being a versatile summertime wardrobe choice, midi skirts can be worn all year round. Plus size women can also wear them in cooler climates. They are also much less likely to get trapped in a beach bag. If you're worried about your shape, a midi skirt may not be for you.

Using a Sarong as a Dress

While wearing a beach wrap skirt, a sarong can be used as a coverup, too. The versatile fabric can be tied around the waist or folded in half, or it can be used as a shawl. This versatile piece of clothing is easy to wear with any type of swimsuit. You can even use it as a sheet or towel on the beach.

The sarong can be tied in a few different ways to create a stylish dress. For example, you can tie it around your waist in a halter style, or you can make a ruffled hemline by tying the ends at the back of your neck. In both cases, you'll end up with a beautiful curtain hanging down the front of your body.

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