How Was a Portable Folding Table Invented?

August 03, 2022 3 min read

How was a portable folding table invented? Are folding beach tables safe? The designers took ease of assembly into consideration when designing this product. They used the same size washers and screws to assemble the two halves of the table. The only piece that differs is the tabletop. This makes assembling the table a breeze. This article discusses some of the most popular brands. Check out these models: Sleekform, Office Star, Meco, and XL Series. Find about the material for wine picnic tables.


The Sleekform foldable desk has a rustic look with hairpin legs. This portable wood desk is easy to set up and fold away, and requires no assembly. Its walnut-stained fir tabletop is sturdy and surprisingly lightweight. The table is also easy to store and move, with only one piece of hardware to assemble. It's a perfect portable desk for any home or office.

Office Star

There are many different varieties of folding tables. The Cosco Deluxe and Office Star Portable Folding Table sets offer different options. The Cosco Deluxe folds in two sections for storage and comes with a six-foot length. It features a heavy-duty handle for carrying and locking benches. The Lifetime Commercial Adjustable is a little heavier to carry but has a thicker tabletop. Office Star also offers a 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set. Both feature excellent handles and locking benches.

The Office Star Portable Folding Table and Bench Set were our picks for both portability and convenience. We found the Office Star to be the easiest to assemble and break down. Most center-folding tables lock the top with clamps inside the table. The Office Star uses an exterior latch to close the tabletop. When not in use, simply unhook the latch. One person with reasonable strength can set up the table in just 30 seconds.


Meco offers a solid-wood folding table that comes with a steel-folding mechanism. The square, classic-looking design features straight edges, a steel frame, and a sturdy locking mechanism. The table weighs just 34 pounds, and is sturdy enough to hold 150 pounds. There are no assemble required parts to put the table together. The solid wood table comes with two locking mechanisms, one for each leg, and a handle on the top for easy transport.

Meco has several styles of folding tables. Their Sudden Comfort Metal Folding Table is ideal for events and day-to-day use. Its curved tabletop allows for comfortable seating for up to four people, and it folds down to one-inch, making it ideal for compact storage. The table's sturdy steel frame and EZ-slide leg locks make this table a good choice for everyday use, whether you're hosting a party or need to set up a study area.

XL Series

When you're entertaining at home or at a friend's house, an XL Series portable folding table is an excellent choice. Its generous 38 x 38-inch size gives you extra room to accommodate craft supplies, game boards, and a heaping Thanksgiving dinner. With so much space to spare, you're sure to find the perfect game night spot without a cluttered table. In addition to serving as a great place to hold game night gatherings, an XL Series card table is a perfect size for family game nights. Read more about portable camping tables.

Made of sturdy molded plastic, this portable folding table is durable and resistant to spills. It is also available with a textured surface for better grip. These surfaces are great for playrooms and children's rooms, but they're not ideal for coloring and writing. Fortunately, you'll be able to fold it down to a 4.8-inch-thick thickness for easy storage. However, if you don't need the extra space, this model is a good choice.

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