I Am New to Wakeboarding- How Do I Jump?

August 17, 2022 3 min read

If you are new to wakeboarding, you may be asking yourself, "How do I jump?" This article will give you some basic guidelines on how to jump and land. Learn to land in the middle or heel side of the wake. It will also teach you to stay in the wake and land safely. Once you master these basic tricks, you'll be able to jump like a pro!

Learn Progressive Edging

In wakeboarding, progressive edging is a critical skill that will help you achieve the most height possible while remaining under control. By avoiding the common mistakes of flattening the board and stopping tipping the board, you'll increase your edge force and stay stable in the air. Here are some simple tips for learning progressive edging. Keeping an eye on where you're standing on the wake will help you develop this skill.

Progressive edging is an essential base for learning the various tricks of wakeboarding. It will help you progress more quickly and smoothly through your tricks. To learn progressive edging, cut through the wake and build speed as you approach the wake. The more aggressive you are, the higher you will go. To avoid this common mistake, practice edging from both sides of the wakeboard. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

Land on the Heel-Side of the Wake

The most basic technique to land on the heelside of the wakeboard is the heel-side backrole. This flip rotates the board's nose over the tail. Landing on the heel-side of the wakeboard is one of the easiest flips to do. To land on the heelside, shift your weight to your rear foot, throw your head and shoulders upwards, and pivot your shoulders back and to the right. You should be standing tall and maintaining an even axis with both hands on the handle.

When landing on the heelside, you need to make sure you have plenty of air. Once you are in the air, grab your wakeboard and tap it on the binding. You'll find that landing on the heel side is easier than landing on the toe side, which requires more weight on the front foot. When landing on the heel-side of the wakeboard, your board should be resting on your hips, which will ensure a more stable landing.

Land in the Middle of the Wake

To land in the middle of the wakeboard, you need to be at the right height for the jump. If you do this wrong, you can end up with a nasty spill. The final step is to land with your knees slightly bent. Locking your legs on impact can cause a premature fall, which is inconvenient. Landing in the middle of the wakeboard will ensure that you do not land flat and in the middle of the water.

When you get on the wakeboard, you must be balanced, with the weight evenly distributed between the two legs. If you have to crouch, then bend your knees to keep the board straight. When you get on the wakeboard, make sure the back end of the wakeboard is lower than the front. Landing in the middle of the wakeboard requires practice, so take your time and be patient. Eventually, you will become more comfortable with the jump and will land in the middle of the wakeboard.

Land on the Outside of the Wake

When you are trying to land on the outside of a wake, the goal is to land on the flat water on the opposite side of the wake. The best way to do this is to balance your weight evenly between your legs. Your front leg should be the dominant weight, so you should make sure to bend your knees when approaching the wake. You should also keep your body oriented sideways. Land on the outside of the wakeboard.

If you are nervous about doing a frontside roll, you can practice it by turning your hips and keeping two hands on the handle. During the backside roll, avoid leaning heavily on the back foot as you will have trouble hanging on to the board. The most important thing is to keep your eyes open to spot where you will land. If you're not focused enough, you may end up flipping over.

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