Important Things to Remember While Snorkeling

May 18, 2022 3 min read

During your dive, take some deep, controlled breaths. Be sure to breathe from the top of your torso and diaphragm, rather than blowing bubbles. After you have filled your lungs, bend at the waist 90 degrees and lift your legs out of the water. Remember to remain relaxed while descending. If you have trouble breathing, you should take a break before descending.

Responsible Snorkeling Means Tespecting the Environment

Responsible snorkeling is a good way to enjoy the underwater beauty of your favorite destination without causing harm to the marine ecosystem. By staying relaxed and quiet while you snorkel, you are making your presence as non-threatening as possible. If you have no idea about the creatures in your locale, you can always hire a local snorkeling guide to explain the behaviors of different species. Also, responsible snorkeling involves preparing in advance with good gear and avoiding feeding or touching the sea life.

Avoiding Splashes

It is important to keep in mind the dangers of snorkeling. Whether you're just starting out or are a professional snorkeler, there are a few things to remember to minimize the chance of being swept away by water while snorkeling. Big bubbles will impede your enjoyment of the natural surroundings and will hinder your video captures. Avoiding splashes while snorkeling is not as difficult as you might think, and you can practice these techniques in the pool before you dive into the ocean.

Keeping Your Hands to Yourself

When snorkeling, you should keep your hands to yourself. Keeping your hands away from marine life is vital to protecting it from harm. Sea life can be aggressive and attack humans. Try not to touch anything, including corals or sea anemones. Instead, keep your hands to yourself by float on your back or wear a life jacket. You may also want to use a snorkeling fin instead of touching the bottom of the sea.

Avoiding Bubbles

While snorkeling, you should be careful when avoiding bubbles. These nebulous air bubbles can cause a number of problems, including lung injury. The bubbles can obstruct blood flow, disrupt nerves, or release vasoactive compounds. All of these effects can result in serious injury. To prevent these injuries, you should keep your throat and mouth open during the entire dive. And once you reach 15 feet, you should stay on the surface for 30 seconds.

Avoiding Loud Chatting

While snorkeling, you should try to avoid talking loudly. Marine animals are very sensitive to noise and physical disturbances. Keep your distance from larger animals, at least several meters. Closer distances are acceptable only if they approach you. Remember that marine reptiles and mammals must surface for air. This is a very important consideration. Don't disturb their breathing by shouting or chatting loudly. This will make you the target of curious marine animals.

Keeping Your Mask Clean

Mask is one of the most important snorkel gear. If your mask is starting to look grimy, it's time to take action. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to get your mask looking brand new again. Using a plain white toothpaste, for example, can get rid of any silicone buildup on the lens. Simply rub the toothpaste on the lens using your fingers or thumb until you hear the squeaking sound. Rinse your mask thoroughly after each session and you'll be fine.

Avoiding Kicking up Sediment

If you want to enjoy your scuba diving experience, you should avoid kicking up sediment while snorkeling. Sediment is disturbed when water moves, which can lead to reduced visibility and reduce the photosynthetic efficiency of coral colonies. Furthermore, when you tread water while wearing fins, you may accidentally kick up sediment. This can damage your fins, causing significant damage to them. To avoid kicking up sediment while snorkeling, you should follow these tips.

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