Is a Tankini Flattering?

May 19, 2022 3 min read

The tankini has become an icon in high and low culture, making its way into popular culture and even writings from William Safire's column "On Language." They were also sold in water parks and Walmarts. What will make you find a stand out swimsuit is choosing the one that flatters your figure. But, why did tankinis become so popular? What's the connection between the word tankini and Kate Moss? And, of course, why do so many women love them? 

Choosing a Tankini That Hides Belly Fat

One-piece swimsuits are an excellent option for hiding belly fat. You can try exercising to lose the extra fat and say goodbye to love handles, but you can also make magic with just a right swimsuit. Although they do not have the same coverage as bikinis, one-piece swimsuits are a great choice for those who are looking to keep their belly under wraps. Tankinis have a high waist that covers the belly area and offers ample support to the breasts. You can choose from different styles to fit your needs and style preferences.

To camouflage belly fat, choose a design that features ruching, gathering of fabric along the waist and tummy. Ruching on a one-piece swimsuit or tankini helps hide belly fat and break up your shape. Ruching can also camouflage a small waist. A sporty tankini top with ruching can hide belly fat and enhance your figure.

Tiered Ruffle Swimsuits Hide Belly Fat

Ruffled, tiered tops can disguise your belly and back fat. A tummy-hugging top will distract attention from your loose skin and tummy bulge. For a flattering bottom, choose a bikini, boyshorts, or tanga. Stretchable lace and seamless edges are the best choices. Look for designs that are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Ruffles have a way of obscuring tummy fat and hide back fat, and they're trendy, too. Ruffles can also help hide your tummy, so consider a ruffle bikini. It's a great fashion statement and will hide a belly pooch instantly. If you're unsure of where to place ruffles, look for a high-waisted bottom.

Ruffled, tiered swimsuits will give you a trim, figure-hugging look without showing off your tummy. Some of these suits have removable cups to help you control your belly and tummy. You can even get a bikini with a one-piece design if you're worried about exposing too much skin. These bikini tops are perfect for highlighting your curves while hiding your tummy pooch.

Kate Moss Wore a Tankini on the Cover of Harper's Bazaar in 1998

One of the most famous images of Kate Moss wearing a tankini is her cover of Harper's Bazaar in 1998. Some shapes of the swimsuit go better with specific figures, but the hair color also makes an important factor, since some colors are better for blondes and other for brunettes. This image has been used by designers and fashion houses ever since. But did it really do any good? The actress was a teenager at the time and was caught on camera, but no one was ever prosecuted. Moss was a young girl and it was difficult to distinguish between a model and a star. She worked extremely hard to keep up her image. The pictures of Kate Moss in a tankini say nothing negative about her.

Kate's no-nonsense approach to modeling makes her a valuable mentor for newcomers. She once recalled that she was diagnosed with psoriasis during Fashion Week and that Moss' advice was crucial in getting a doctor's appointment. Moss is known to offer her models good advice and treats modeling like acting. In fact, she approaches modeling the same way as an actress does her role in a movie.

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