Is a Waterproof Phone Case Shatterproof?

August 31, 2022 3 min read

If you're looking for a waterproof case for your phone, you should consider the CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case. Although a waterproof case isn't as effective as a shatterproof case, it can help protect your phone from being dropped on the lake floor. But there's a limit to how waterproof a case can be.

Vansky's Floating Waterproof Case

The Vansky Floating Waterproof Case is a sweatproof and water-resistant case for your iPhone. The waterproof case has a slim, universal design and is made from durable materials. It will protect your phone against water, while maintaining full touchscreen functionality. It also comes with a waterproof test paper and instructions for safe use. The case comes with a water-resistant bag to protect your phone while you're out in the pool or lake.

The main feature of a waterproof case is its water-resistance, which keeps your phone safe. But this case is also floatable, and it has an audio jack and an armband to make it easy to locate your phone in case it gets wet. It also has two open windows, a sweat-proof design, and the strongest waterproof seal available. The case also features an adjustable neck strap.

The case features a textured wave pattern, which makes it easier to grip and protect your phone from drops. It is also made from sustainable polycarbonate materials, which are able to withstand drops of up to two meters. It is also slim enough to fit on and off your iPhone and is water-resistant. Its sweatproof and water-resistant qualities make it an excellent choice for an active lifestyle.

LifeProof's Fre series

Designed to protect your iPhone from water, the Fre is a slim and modern case that's as at home in the office as it is in the sea. The slim and modern silhouette of the Fre makes it equally at home at a gallery opening, in the office or in the ocean. The Fre is also a stylish addition to your cell phone case collection. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can match your case to your personal style.

The Fre series offers water resistance up to one meter deep and protects your phone from dust, dirt, and drops. The case is nearly as thin as the iPhone, making it easy to use even in wet conditions. Despite this, LifeProof's Fre cases still have some flaws. The screen cover of the Fre isn't completely waterproof and small oil and grease can affect the sound quality. This is a small price to pay for waterproof phone protection. If you buy a decent case, it can easily compensate for this flaw.

The Fre series is one of the best protective cases for your smartphone. It's water and dirt-resistant, and keeps water from soaking the internal circuits or clogging ports. The Fre also has an integrated screen cover, which will protect your display from water damage. It also comes with a one-year warranty. If you're worried about water damage, LifeProof has your back.

CaliCase's Universal Waterproof Floating Case

A good waterproof case will protect your cell phone and keep it from falling into water. This case is waterproof and comes with a lanyard or carabiner so that you can attach it to a boat or a pool raft. It is made of durable plastic and has a foam enclosure for protection. It also has a built-in floatation feature to prevent loss of your phone in water.

The case itself is water-resistant up to 100 feet. There are multiple features, including a flotation device that will keep your phone floating while you swim. It can also fit most phones and keep your valuables dry. Its sweatproof material means it is easy to wipe clean. And it will keep your phone safe during your workouts. Those who live active lifestyles will benefit from the sweat-proof design of this case.

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