Is it Dangerous to Surf Behind the Boat When Wakeboarding?

September 16, 2022 3 min read

As you already a bought a wakeboard, you may be wondering, "Is it dangerous to surf behind the boat?". You may also be unsure of what kind of boat is safe for wakesurfing. Here are some tips to make sure you are safe.

Can You Wakesurf Behind a Jet Ski?

Nowadays many men and women like wakeboarding. There are many advantages to wakeboarding behind a jet ski. The jet ski is much smaller than a traditional wakeboard, making it easier to maneuver. The jet ski also does not have a right of way when approaching other boats. Wakeboarders should be extra careful when wakeboarding behind a jet ski, as the jet ski cannot see them and can not give the same priority to other passengers.

Tow sports like wakeboarding are extremely popular, and jet skis are an essential part of the experience. Most states require three-seat jet skis, with a third person on the jet ski monitoring the wakeboarder. To ensure safety, you should consider using a mirror on the jet ski. The mirrors must be pre-fitted and meet specific regulations in your state.

When riding behind a jet ski, it is important to watch the speed. If the jet ski is too slow, the wakeboarder may not get enough wake. You should stay between 18 and 22 mph.

Can You Wakesurf Behind an Outboard or Stern Drive Boat?

A stern-drive or outboard-powered boat can be a great place to wakeboard. However, inboard boats with a V-hull or inboard direct drive are the best choices for wakeboarding. These types of boats have propellers mounted underneath the boat, and they have the added benefit of a swim platform.

The primary downside to wakeboarding behind a stern-drive or outboard-powered boat is the proximity to the propeller. The propeller will be about two or three feet away, which can pose a safety hazard for a wakeboarder. Fortunately, manufacturers of stern-drive boats are beginning to make them more user-friendly and safe for wakeboarding.

Another important consideration when wakeboarding, besides ropes, behind an outboard or stern-drive boat is size. Inboard boats will typically create a 3-foot wake at about 12-14 mph and at a depth of 25-30 feet. Those speeds aren't enough for good wakesurfing, and you should make sure that the boat has sufficient wake for you to ride. In addition, keep in mind that you should make sure to make everyone in the boat aware that you're wakeboarding.

Is It Dangerous?

Some people may wonder if it's dangerous to surf behind the boat while wakeboarding. The answer depends on what type of boat you're using. There are two types: inboard and outboard. Inboard boats have the motor inside the boat and the propeller underneath the deck. The outboard type puts the wake surfer closer to the propeller, so the exhaust can shoot directly into the surfer's face.

While wakeboarding is fun and exciting, it does carry risks. The main risk involves proximity to the boat's propeller. You must always be within ten feet of the boat when you're surfing. If you're not, you could wind up in the propeller or hit yourself with your board. However, if you're careful and use the right equipment, wakeboarding is relatively safe.

If you're new to wakeboarding, it's important to pay attention to your stance. If you're using your front foot to speed up and your back foot to slow down, you'll be less likely to fall over. Be careful not to put too much pressure on one foot, though, because too much pressure in one direction can lead to a wipeout.

Safest Boats for Wakesurfing

When looking for a boat to wakesurf in, the size and weight of the boat are vitally important. You'll need to find a V-drive or direct-drive boat with an extended transom gate and a heavy ballast. In addition, you'll need a boat with a water pump and tanks or bladders on board. Boats with these features will produce a larger wake with a greater lift.

An outboard or stern-drive boat is not safe for wakesurfing, due to the exposed propeller. A wakesurfer could be injured or killed if the propeller hits him while riding the wave behind an outboard or I/O boat. Fortunately, wakesurfing boats travel at relatively slow speeds, so the risks are low.

Wakesurfing boats also need to have sufficient depth and calm water. The less wind the better, as wakesurfers have to be close to the water. Propellers should also be kept hidden in the back of the boat, because a propeller exposed to the water can cause serious injuries.

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