Is It Difficult to Make MHZ Watercraft Surfboard?

September 14, 2022 4 min read

If you want to build a watercraft with similar features, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars, you can build your own electric surfboard. The components are similar. The cost range is from 15,000 to 33,000 euros.

DIY Electric Surfboard Parts

You can build a DIY electric surfboard using components from different brands. There are a few steps that you need to take. First, you need to determine the dimensions of your surfboard. You should not make the board too large or too small. You should also be sure that the deck is aligned with the front of the surfboard. After you've done this, you can install the electric motor.

The parts you will need for your DIY electric surfboard include a surfboard, plywood or foam board, a motor (at least 2,000 watts) and batteries. If you plan to use batteries, you need to get a pack with a battery charger. MHZ doesn't sell battery packs, but their support team can help you find one. The price of a DIY electric surfboard kit with battery pack adds around 2,000 Euros. For comparison, onean's Beginner Jetboard costs about the same.

Changing Regulations

The current regulations for making MHZ watercraft surfboarding are far too restrictive and unnecessary. The vast majority of riders will not come close to shore, and they will keep the required safe distance. Therefore, the proposal to limit the number of riders to three seems completely arbitrary. In addition, the bill is being put forward without a thorough understanding of the effects it would have on the industry.

In addition to making boat model parts, MHZ supports the development of electric surfboards by selling components to end-users. This includes the surfboard and the jets, as well as the controller. However, the company is concerned about the potential environmental impact of restricting these products, which will force many people to resort to antiquated gasoline engines and oversized watercraft.

Noise Level

Before you buy your next surfboard, you'll want to consider the noise level of each model. For recreational use, a lower decibel reading is ideal. Higher readings may cause connection issues or packet loss. An ideal reading is between 40 and 50 dB. The lower values are not as loud, but they are close to the noise floors in most areas.

For speed, the Jet 80 motor will give you up to 16 kW of torque. With this motor, you can reach speeds of 31 to 37 mph. However, the Jet 80 is too powerful for the MHZ Surfboard. You'll have to use a separate motor, such as the MGM 40063 or Scorpion 7035, if you want a higher speed. Alternatively, MHZ offers Inrunner motors with internal rotors and Outrunner motors with external rotors. The Inrunner motors start at 200 EUR and are designed for Electric SUPs and bodyboards, while the Outrunners are built for real electric surfboards.


The weight of an MHZ Watercraft Surfboard will vary depending on the model and the chosen powertrain. The Jet 52 is designed for small Scorpion motors, while the Jet 58 is suited for bodyboards. The Jet 64 is capable of handling 12 kW and should be able to accelerate between thirty and fifty kilometers per hour (KPH). The propeller of the Jet 64 is 64mm in diameter, making it one of the largest on the market.

The MHS surfboard comes in blue, green, and red, and sells for 980 EUR. It comes with a Jet 64 booster, MGM 40063, and Scorpion 7035 preassembled motors. The company also sells motors separately, with Inrunner motors for internal rotors, and Outrunner motors for external rotors. Inrunner motors cost around 200 EUR. They are suitable for Electric SUP or Bodyboards, while Outrunner motors are intended for real electric surfboards.


The MHZ Watercraft Surfboard is a high-quality wakeboard, available in a variety of colours. These boards can be purchased for around 15,000 EUR. This is an affordable option compared to other wakeboarding brands, which can range from several thousands to several hundred thousand Euros. MHZ Watercraft was the supplier of the original Lampuga boards, which are comparable in terms of components.

The MHZ Watercraft surfboard is made to fit MHZ Watercraft parts, including the jet, clutch, and brackets. This allows you to use a MHZ surfboard with your own vehicle.


Whether you're looking for an electric surfboard or a basic bodyboard, the MHZ Watercraft Jet 64 and 58 electric surfboards will help you catch waves and keep your adrenaline rush going. The Jet 64 has a 12 kW motor and should reach speeds of 45-50 km/h. It works with a Scorpion HK-7455-320KV motor and features a 64mm diameter propeller.

The MHS electric surfboard comes in a variety of colours and costs around nine hundred Euros. Its powertrain is pre-assembled and includes a Jet 64 booster, Scorpion 7035 motor and MGM 40063 battery pack. The motors are available in two different configurations, Inrunner with internal rotors and Outrunner with external rotors. The Inrunner is priced at 200 EUR, while the Outrunner motor is priced at 2,000 EUR.

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