Is Rafting Scary?

June 29, 2022 3 min read

If you have never been whitewater rafting, you might be wondering: Is rafting scary? Well, it depends. While there's nothing inherently frightening about rafting, it can be a frightening experience. Here, we'll cover a few facts about rafting and the risks involved. We'll also discuss how to stay calm while navigating a raft without a guide.

Class 2 Rapids

While whitewater rafting is an adrenaline rush, it can also be dangerous if something goes wrong. To avoid any mishaps, be prepared by learning how to swim in swift water, what to do in case of emergency, and how to handle your kayak in an emergency. Keep your cool and always pay attention to the rapids' class and category. It is better to prepare for a difficult trip than to experience a minor mishap and have to run for your life.

There are different levels of rafting difficulty, with Class 2 being the least dangerous. Those who are more advanced may try rafting on rivers with Class 5 rapids. These rapids are long, violent, and unpredictable. You will need advanced skills and equipment to navigate them, and they are only safe for highly experienced rafters. In addition, high-level rapids are incredibly difficult and unpredictable, requiring extreme caution and the use of extra equipment.

Risk of Drowning

Whitewater rafting and kayaking are fun, adventurous activities, but there is a risk of drowning. These activities are especially dangerous for people with comorbid medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or a heart condition. Such conditions often prevent individuals from entering or rescuing themselves in dangerous waters. El Paso County coroner's reports showed 11 deaths that occurred while kayaking or rafting.

However, the risk of drowning is not high enough to dissuade people from going rafting. It is still important to understand that the risk of drowning is very small. One hundred thousand people per million rafting every year die. Nevertheless, rafting is a great adventure, and you can raft with the whole family or even your significant other! Just make sure to follow the instructions given to you.

Tips for Navigating a Raft Without a Guide

Before you take the plunge, it's important to remember that white water rafting is a dangerous activity. To avoid accidents, your guide will use a "Bump" command before hitting rocks. Once you're in the water, your best bet is to sit in the raft with your outside leg under the cross tube. Use foot cups to keep your inner leg from tucking under the tube like your outer leg does. Also, keep your weight on one side of the raft to avoid obstacles. And don't forget to pay attention to the instructions. While following instructions will not guarantee you'll avoid problems, you will greatly increase your chances of safety.

If you find yourself falling in the river, don't panic. Falling out of the raft is common, even among experienced rafters. The last thing you need is to panic because it can make you disoriented and make you make mistakes. Instead, focus on getting back into the raft and avoiding foot entrapment (a size nine foot gets stuck in a size 8 hole), which can make you immobile.

Keeping Calm While Rafting

Keeping calm while rafting is essential, but not only for your safety but for your fellow river rafters' safety as well. One of the biggest mistakes people make while river rafting is panicking. Panic increases your body's rate of oxygen consumption and reduces your ability to aid your own rescue. To prevent this, try to conserve your energy. If you do get in trouble while rafting, here are some tips for staying calm:

First, prepare your kids. Keep in mind that kids will complain, so be prepared with small toys and treats for them to occupy their minds. Another way to keep kids interested is to talk to them about the safety measures of rafting and teach them about the dangers of drowning. Try making the talk into a game. Kids will enjoy playing games that are fun to play and will keep them focused on their goal.

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