Is Smoking Allowed on Myrtle Beach?

August 03, 2022 3 min read

Is smoking allowed on Myrtle Beach? There are a few rules that aren't allowed. First of all, there are no ashtrays allowed on the beach. Second, no shading devices or pets are allowed. Alcohol and pets are also not allowed, and these rules have been in effect since 2006. Find out how much are umbrella rentals on beach.


A local councilwoman is looking to ban smoking in public spaces, including on the beach. She hopes to implement the ban on city-owned properties and in public places like restaurants. She says it's time to prioritize health and eliminate secondhand smoke. The proposed smoking ban would be enforced by the city police and violators could be fined up to $100. She is not alone in her proposal, but most smokers are supportive.

Shading Devices Are Not Allowed on the Beach

There are several restrictions on shading devices on the Myrtle Beach boardwalk. Among these rules is the fact that shading devices are not allowed within 10 feet of the established umbrella line and must be at least seven feet in diameter. Additionally, shade devices cannot be tied together and are not allowed to disrupt or damage sea grass oats. Therefore, it's essential to stay within the boardwalk at all times and wear a COVID-19 mask or other protective gear. Tents are also not allowed.

No Pets

Myrtle Beach, SC, has several rules regarding dogs and beachgoers. Dogs are allowed on City of Myrtle Beach beaches, but owners must follow leash laws, and they must stay on leashes shorter than seven feet. The beach rules for dogs may vary according to the season. During peak season, dogs can only be on leashes before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm, but after that, they are welcome at any time.

No Alcohol

There are no public beaches in South Carolina where alcohol is permitted. Despite this fact, many people pack their favorite drink and head down to the beach. There are also specific zones where alcohol is prohibited. Some beaches have even declared them alcohol-free. It is best to check with the beach itself before drinking in public. But there are some areas that are safe for drinking. Here are the rules:

No Fireworks

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is no place for personal fireworks. While the beach is a popular place to spend the summer, fireworks are illegal within city limits. Violations can lead to fines of up to $500 and even jail time. Fireworks are also illegal on public beach access and street ends adjacent to the oceanfront. You must obtain a fireworks permit before using a fireworks display or selling them.

No Swimming

Despite recent reports that the beach water is contaminated with bacteria, the state has decided not to issue a "no swimming" advisory for the Grand Strand area this season. DHEC, the state's Department of Health and Environmental Control, began testing the water earlier this year after receiving hundreds of calls from concerned people. While the beaches may still have a few sand spots where swimmers should stay away, this is not a good idea for the health of those enjoying the beach.

No Skim Boarding

There is a new law in Myrtle Beach that prohibits skim boarding and surfing on the beach from May 15 to September 15. There are several authorized areas along Ocean Drive and Hog Inlet where surfers and skim boarders can still enjoy the waters. However, no skim boarding is allowed on the pristine beaches of Myrtle Beach. In these areas, you must use a leash to surf or skim board.

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