Is There Any Specialized Wakeboard for Women?

September 16, 2022 3 min read

A women's wakeboard is generally the same as a man's. The differences are in size and shape, and the boards are generally lighter and more flexible. Some women may prefer a different shape or style to a man's wakeboard, but that does not mean that a woman needs a women's-specific board.

Ronix RXT

If you are a woman and love the thrill of the cable parks, the Ronix RXT is a great choice for you. It has a wide surface area, which allows you to have better control of the water. You can also find a variety of sizes to suit your skill level.

Women can choose between a traditional model and a specialized board. Both options are suitable for newbies and experts alike. The RXT has an energy rating of 10 - the higher the rating, the more time the rider has to generate a full lift. In addition, the RXT is easy to maneuver and features a smooth continuous profile.

Liquid Force Arris

The Liquid Force Arris specialized women's wakeboard is lightweight and strong, but still offers a comfortable ride and soft landing. It also features a hybrid 3-stage rocker with two curves to increase performance and durability. One drawback is that it doesn't have a removable center fin.

This board was created with advanced female wakeboarders in mind. The streamlined design is meant for speedy glides and fast, controlled trips. The unique deck profile offers increased strength in the center and soft flex for better front and rear foot control.

Ronix Krush

The Ronix Krush is a specialized women's wakeboard that's similar to the popular Ronix Vault. Both boards feature a foam core and fiberglass construction, but the Krush has a unique design to accommodate women's needs. It has an asymmetrical edge design with a thinner toe side rail and a thicker, fuller heel side rail.

The Krush is designed for women who are just starting out. The board shares many of the features of the Ronix Vault, including a wide, easy-ride shape, an extra boost of air, and a light weight. The Krush comes with a package that can be purchased for less than $450.

Shaun Murray Pro Model

If you are looking for a wakeboard for women, the Shaun Murray pro model is a good choice. The model features Variable Edge Design, a Center Landing Spine, and a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker. This combination of features provides a forgiving ride and excellent performance. If you are beginner, make sure to check wakeboard buying guideline

This Wakeboard is a great choice. Women pick this wakeboard in order to ride with the same level of precision as men. The Murray Pro wakeboard features a Biolite 3 core, which is super lightweight and durable. It also has a monocoque construction, which prevents delamination.

Hyperlite Venice

Designed to make a good foundation for the rider, the Hyperlite Venice features a wide profile with continuous rocker and increased surface area. Its edges are forgiving in between inserts, but sharpen toward the tail and tip for extra edge hold. With a "less is more" philosophy, this board provides all of the comforts of a traditional twin tip wakeboard without the bulk and weight.

The Venice wakeboard is a great board for women because it is crafted for the unique needs of women. With a soft satin flex, it is especially comfortable for women to ride. This specialized wakeboard is easy to maneuver and responds softly to your movements.

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