Is There Any Training or a Course for Underwater Filmmaking?

August 27, 2022 3 min read

To make the most of your underwater filminga experience, it is important to take some courses or training. There are many opportunities to become an underwater filmmaker. In this article, we will cover Gates STO, PADI Digital Underwater Photographer, and Roctopus Sub Culture Video. All of these courses and training will help you develop your skills and create great underwater films.

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer 

Before you begin diving and taking pictures underwater, you may want to take some courses on the basics of photography. PADI offers an Underwater Photography Course that will give you a thorough understanding of the basics and get you started with the practical aspects of photography. The course includes videos, audio, graphics, and reading materials. The course is conducted online or in a classroom setting. You will work with an instructor to improve your skills and learn how to compose and take better photos. Read how much these professionals earn.

If you are new to photography, a PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course can help you get started. The course includes an introduction to photography theory and techniques while incorporating hands-on learning into the program. A PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course can also count as a dive toward Advanced Open Water Diver certification. It will teach you how to use digital cameras and make the most of the capabilities of a point-and-shoot camera.

Gates STO

There are several courses available to learn underwater filming. The most comprehensive course is the Pro Underwater Videographer Course, which focuses on the fundamentals of filming. You will gain hands-on experience with underwater camera equipment and techniques. You'll complete at least twelve open water dives, plus a week's worth of research into a particular subject. The final project is a 4 or 6-minute video documentary of your chosen subject.

Professional Underwater Filmmaking Courses combine technical skills with creative exploration. They're based on real-world industry workflows, so students can learn all aspects of underwater cinematography and become a professional. Students also learn to write, edit, and promote their work. Underwater filmmakers Academy students graduate with a diploma that prepares them for a career in the underwater filmmaking industry.

LightPost Media & Training

Liquid Motion offers one-on-one support and lifetime expertise in underwater filming. The training includes how to operate underwater cameras and manage safety and buoyancy issues. With a private boat to use, the course combines two courses in one. You can then dive on your own, anytime you want. Afterward, you'll have a collection of underwater filming projects that you can share online or in print.

The workshop will cover technical and creative aspects of underwater filming, from camera operation to colour correction. It also covers effective storytelling techniques. Whether you are shooting underwater with a GoPro or a high-end broadcast camera, there's a program for you. And since the course is private, you'll have a chance to learn from award-winning instructors in an environment where you won't feel constrained by a strict curriculum.

Roctopus Sub Culture Video

One of the best places to learn about underwater videography and production is Roctopus Dive Sub Culture Video. This company teaches advanced techniques for underwater videography to certified open water divers. Students will learn theory and philosophy, how to maximize the capabilities of their equipment, and the best practices for safe underwater filming. Then, they will produce their own underwater videos. It's a good foundation for aspiring underwater videographers. Interested to find out the price of waterproof action camera? Read more from us.

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