Is Washing Towels Once a Week Enough?

August 30, 2022 3 min read

Is washing your towels every week really necessary? Read on to find out. Read more: What you should do with hand towels, bath mats and beach towels. You can even replace these with a new set of towels from Amazon! Is washing your towels once a week enough? Let us know in the comments section. What is the best way to wash towels? It's actually pretty simple!

Hand Towels

To reduce the chances of germs and bacteria, you should wash your hand towels at least once a week. However, if you share your towels with others or live in a humid climate, you may want to wash them more frequently. In that case, you should wash hand towels every two to three days and hang them up to dry. Similarly, washcloths should be washed every other day and hung up to dry. Find out how to prevent reducing of towels' quality.

Bath Towels

The reason that bath towels should be washed regularly is that they're a great way to keep your bathroom hygienic. Bathrooms can be full of molds, bacteria, and viruses, so washing your towels regularly can help keep them fresh and clean. According to Mary Johnson, principal scientist at Tide & Downy and laundry expert for Consumer Reports, a common bath towel can be used three or four times before needing a laundry wash. A hand towel should be changed every two to three days.

Bath Mats

Good Housekeeping recommends washing bath mats once a week. However, this depends on the number of people in your household. Some households may need to wash their bath mats more frequently than once a week, while others can get away with washing them only once a month. The most important thing to remember when washing bath mats is to wash them as soon as they start to show signs of dirt or mildew.

Beach Towels

If you live near the coast, you probably wash beach towels regularly, but do you know how to care for them? Because beach towels are moist and porous, bacteria love them. It is safest to wash them after every use, using hot water and a good detergent, and to tumble dry them. To maintain their bright color, wash them as frequently as possible. Once a week is not enough, however.

Pool Towels

The answer to the question "is washing pool towels once a week sufficient" may depend on the material of the towels and their purpose. Some towels are personal use towels, and do not need to be washed after every use. However, if you plan to use these towels at a swimming pool, you should wash them as often as possible. It is best to wash them every couple of days to avoid fading and losing color.

Gym Towels

Washing your gym towels is an essential part of maintaining the hygiene of your equipment. This will reduce the chances of bacteria and mould growing on your towels. You should also use a cleaning agent like baking soda to help combat bad odours. Baking soda is suitable for a range of different materials, including gym towels. However, you should make sure to wash your towels once a month to get the best results.

Shower Towels

To keep your towels smelling fresh, it's best to wash them before each use. This will remove bacteria and chemicals and reduce lint. However, you should also dry them before washing them. To avoid overheating your washing machine, place the towels on a low setting and do not overload them. While this will increase drying time, you'll also prevent them from shrinking and fading. Lastly, don't use fabric softener.

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