Should I Roll Or Fold My SUP?

July 17, 2022 3 min read

Should you fold or roll your SUP when packing for traveling? Here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your purchase. Before you fold it, be sure to check out these helpful videos:

Reverse Roll Technique

The reverse roll technique for folding your SUP is a great way to keep your board flat and easy to transport. Inflatable SUPs have a high-pressure valve which allows you to pump the board up to 12 to 15 PSI. The high-pressure air inside the board is what gives it extra rigidity. Normally, car tires are inflated to over 32 PSI. The reverse roll technique for folding your SUP uses a special twist lock pin which is rotated counterclockwise and up to prevent compressed air from escaping.

Proper Folding

One of the best ways to travel with a SUP is to fold it into a tube. It is important to be sure that all air is out of the board before folding it. The most common folding method involves removing all air from the board, so it is important to be very careful while doing this. Folding from the nose can be used when you're only traveling a short distance. Folding from the bottom of the board is not practical if you have a permanent fixed fin model.

One of the biggest advantages of an inflatable SUP is the convenience of transporting it. It can be easily inflated by pumping it up to twelve to fifteen PSI. This gives it extra rigidity and stability. The pressure is comparable to what a car tire is inflated to. A special twist lock pin locks the valve when pumping it up to prevent air from escaping. For this reason, the more expensive models are usually sturdier and more stable than cheaper ones.

Inflating VS Rolling

One of the biggest differences between folding and rolling your SUP is the way you store and transport it. When you roll it up, it minimizes the amount of creases in the rails. You should avoid rolling your SUP when storing it away, however. It is easier to fold your board if you start folding from the end opposite the inflation valve. Unlike rolling, however, you cannot roll up your fin box.

You may also want to keep an eye on its durability. Inflated boards are more fragile than rolled-up ones, so it's wise to store them inside a bag to protect them from damage. An inflatable SUP can warp or deteriorate over time if not stored properly. When storing it indoors, you should be sure to air it out thoroughly before packing it for travel. If you decide to roll it up, make sure to let it dry and clean it thoroughly before storing it. If you need to have a paddle board shipped, check out the cost of paddle board shipping, or if you can take your paddle board on plane.

Protecting Your Board From Theft

Skateboards are easy targets for thieves. Oftentimes, people carry them around in large bags and leave them unsecured. To avoid theft, you can secure your board to a post or lock it in a locker. Another option is to personalize your board with an engraved tag. This makes it harder for thieves to use your stolen board in the area. By following these simple steps, you can protect your board and make it less tempting to steal.

Consider installing an alarm. The Doberman ultra-slim alarm costs under $10 and works with any type of car lock. It comes with an on/off switch and a self-adhesive backside. Place it somewhere on the board that is secure, such as on the backside. In case of theft, it may not even work at all. If a thief is quick enough to turn off the alarm, they will probably leave your board unattended.

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