Should You Bring a Backpack or a Beach Tote to the Beach?

September 26, 2022 3 min read

Backpacks are the perfect companion for your day at the beach, allowing you to enjoy the beach while keeping your hands free. They are small, convenient, and can hold all of your essential beach items checklist. Backpacks are also a great choice because they do not need to match your outfit and can come in a variety of styles. It's necessary to have one of these two.


A backpack or a beach tot is a great way to bring extra items to the beach without having to pack everything into your purse. A backpack has more compartments, which are essential for organizing wet and dirty items. A beach tote also has plenty of pockets, so you can separate clean and dirty items easily.

Beach totes don't have to be plastic; they're made of durable and waterproof materials. You can choose one with a simple front design, or a stylish zipper closure. Some of them even have magnetic buttons so you can keep them closed.

What you pack in a beach tote or backpack will depend on your activities. You might be playing water sports, or you might want to take your reading materials or your hairbrush with you. You'll also need a higher SPF.

Canvas Tote

Whether you're headed to the beach for a day of sunbathing, or you're just heading out for a day on the lake, a canvas tote bag is an essential accessory for your beach getaway. Its classic open design, long straps, and natural durability mean that this bag can fit practically anything. And because it's made of sturdy canvas, it can handle the weight of heavier items without breaking. These bags are also great for lugging groceries or diapers.

Choose from a tote bag with a large compartment and an inner zip pocket for your essentials. You can even get an oversized monogram on your tote to make it even more unique. Another option is a canvas tote with a woven top handle.

Beach bags are available in many styles and materials, but the best ones are waterproof, have plenty of space for your beach accouterments, and are durable enough to double as a daily bag. There are burly canvas totes that look organic, and a variety of more technologically advanced bags with water-repellent coatings. Bottomless buckets are also available that can fit cans of beer or ice.

Straw Tote

A beach tote is a versatile way to carry your items and is perfect for a day at the beach. There are several different styles available and some are waterproof, while others are lightweight and will not get wet. A beach tote that is lined is also a good choice.

A beach tote may also double as a cooler. A beach tote with a mesh liner will keep your wet and dirty things separate and dry. The mesh bag can be folded flat and placed in the larger tote to keep it out of the water. Read what is beach bag used for during summer travel.

While a beach tote or backpack is great for bringing your items to the beach, you should still bring a beach umbrella, a water bottle, and other essentials. When packing for a beach vacation, remember that the water you may encounter will not be completely dry so be sure to take a waterproof case for your electronics. Small amounts of water and sand can destroy your devices.

Mesh tote

Whether you're headed to the beach for a day or a week, a beach tote or backpack will make the process a little simpler. The best beach bags are waterproof and durable, with room for personal effects and beach accoutrements. Plus, they can double as a day bag. Choose from burly canvas totes for a more organic look, or sleek and stylish totes with water-repellent coatings. Some beach totes even have bottomless buckets for extras like ice or a few cans of beer.

Beach totes are a great option for day trips and picnics, and they can be a convenient carry-on bag for an airplane. Many of these bags feature plenty of pockets, a luggage pass-through sleeve, and reinforced top handles. They are available in a variety of colors, but plain black is always a safe choice.

A beach tote can also be made out of mesh, which helps to keep sand from getting inside. You can even find one with a waterproof interior pocket for your cell phone or tablet. Another option is a canvas tote that will give you a preppy, casual look for under $15.

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