Types of Deck Traction Pads

August 16, 2022 3 min read

When shopping for deck traction pads, you have a variety of options. Depending on your riding style, you can find pads with an arch of one or more squares. The design of the arch should fit the size of your foot, and how much movement you expect to do. For example, if your foot is wide and thick, you should look for a pad with a higher arch. There are various types of deck traction pads, ranging from one-piece to five-piece pads. While one-piece pads are less common now than they were 10 years ago, they are making a comeback lately because of their durability.

Multiple-Piece Traction Pads

Several types of traction pads are available, and choosing the right pad for your surfboard is important for safety and ease of installation. Some are designed specifically for performance surfing, while others are more basic. No matter what type of traction pad you need, you'll find one for your board. Dakine makes a great pad that works on any surfboard, including longboards. The pad is easy to install and comes with a 28-mm tabletop kick, premium EVA formula, and ultra-thin sensitivity. Dakine's pad has lock-directional grooves for additional traction.

Two and three-piece traction pads are the most common. Single-piece pads are easy to install, while multiple-piece options offer more customization in terms of board placement. However, five-piece traction pads can be difficult to install and have more pieces that may come off. You should also consider how much movement your foot makes on the board before making a choice. While one-piece pads are less common today than they were ten years ago, they have made a comeback lately, thanks to their durability.

Grippy Squared Pattern

Grippy squared pattern deck drainage pads are a great option for keeping water from collecting on your deck. These products come in a variety of colors and are designed to blend with your decking. The squared pattern makes it easy to see which ones are installed where. And if you want to add an extra splash of colour, grippy tiles are also available. Choosing the right one for your decking will give you the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Diamond Grooves

A design that promotes high drainage rates can be achieved by installing diamond grooves on a deck drainage pad. The diamond pattern is made possible by using parallel grooves that are approximately three to four inches wide. These grooves extend into the crests of the deck floor, minimizing the vertical distance over which water must travel. To create the diamond pattern, install two sets of parallel grooves, two inches apart, and space them at least four to six inches apart.

The foam sheet 12 defines a plurality of slots that extend through the sheet's thickness. These grooves extend into a crest 20 at the outer periphery of each hole. Each groove has a diameter substantially exceeding the average cell size of the sheet, and is spaced evenly across the width of the deck drainage pad. The slots are sized to permit water to flow over them. Moreover, each row of slots defines an area with a diameter greater than the average cell size of the foam sheet.

Self-Adhesive Boat Deck Pads

There are many different types of self-adhesive boat deck pads available for sale. These materials are made of EVA, a biodegradable, airtight material that has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof properties. They are also resistant to chemical corrosion and may be UV-resistant. The adhesive backing on these pads makes them easy to apply and remove. They are also easy to customize and install, making them a great option for boat decks.

Traditional boat deck pads are made of a cork base and rubber layer to absorb sound. These pads can be used to protect teak and other wood decks from the effects of sunlight and prevent damage to decking. They also reduce the chance of slipping or falling while walking on the deck. The bottom of these boat deck pads is adhesive, which makes them easier to stick to the floor than regular ones.

Arch Bar

Arch bar deck drainage pads come in different configurations. Most of these pads are two-piece, which is what you should look for. Three-piece and four-piece pads offer a good balance between customization and ease of installation. Four-piece and five-piece pads, on the other hand, can take forever to install and are prone to peeling off. Whichever one you choose, you should consider the amount of customization you want.

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