Wakeboarding - Do You Use a Traditional Leash When Wakeboarding?

September 14, 2022 3 min read

When wakeboarding, it's important to know which rope to use. You might want to attach a straight leash to the board, or use a coiled leash. Both methods work well, but there are some advantages to using a traditional leash when wakeboarding.

Coiled Leash

When wakeboarding, it's best to use a coiled leash. This will help your board glide smoothly, as well as help prevent the leash from tangling. Straight leashes often get tangled, which is a nuisance, but it can also cause a safety hazard.

The leash should be about eight or ten feet long. A shorter length is better, as it will have less drag while on the water and will be less likely to tangle with your feet. The shorter leash is also less likely to tangle with your board and cause injury.

Another important feature is a comfortable cuff. High-quality leashes have several layers of neoprene padding on the cuffs, which protect your ankles when you tug on the leash. You don't have to buy a leash with neoprene padding, but it helps keep you from spraining your ankles.

Straight Leash

There are two ways to attach a traditional leash string to your wakeboard. The first is to use a sewn loop. This loop covers the knot and keeps it out of the way. The second way is to use a leash plug. Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

A traditional leash string is long and can drag in the water. It can also get caught on rocks or weeds in shallow water. This can make paddling difficult. If you use a coiled leash string, you will have much less drag on the board.

A swivel is another useful feature. It lets you turn your leash to avoid tangling. This is particularly helpful for surfers, but can be useful for stand-up paddle boarders as well. Most modern leashes have swivels on both ends of the cord.

Rail Saver

If you're going to wakeboard, you'll probably want to attach a traditional leash string. It connects your leash to your board and is usually about 10 inches long. This cord is usually made from lightweight nylon kernmantle rope, also known as parachute cord. It's usually tied with an overhand stopper knot, and the ends are burned to prevent fraying. You'll also want to make sure that it's not too thin, as it could cut into the board's rails or tail during a fall.

Depending on the type of board, some leashes come with a traditional leash plug. Others require you to pinch the string and push it through. You may also want to stick something down the hole to help push the string down. Another option is to use a fishing line.

A traditional leash string is not as effective as a coiled one. The straight string tends to cause more drag and is more likely to get caught in weeds.

Leash Release

When you are wakeboarding, you can use a traditional leash string to keep yourself safe. Some longboards have a traditional leash plug, and you can attach a leash string by pinching and pushing the string through it. Another option is to use a fishing line.

While the cords of traditional leashes are more secure, they are not fool-proof. They can easily get tangled, which can be a nuisance but a safety issue. A traditional leash string should be a little longer than the length of your board.

Another important consideration when choosing a leash is the thickness. A thicker cord is better for extra-large waves. On the other hand, a thin cord is better for competition. Thinner cords cause less drag, which means faster surfing. However, if you are wakeboarding in small waves or beachbreaks, you can use a cheap and basic leash. It should be comfortable and have well-stitched edges.

Some people prefer to use coiled leashes. These tend to drag on the water, making paddling difficult. In shallower waters, you may want to use a shorter coiled leash.

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