What Accessories Do I Need Before My Surfing?

July 15, 2022 3 min read

There are many accessories that enhance your surfing experience. These items are helpful because they provide convenience and functionality. Most surfers choose popular surfing locations, which include dining, public facilities, and a range of shopping options. Other surfers prefer to go off-the-beaten-path, where they can find undiscovered surf spots. A changing poncho can be helpful for your privacy, and can double as a beach towel.

Changing Robes

Changing clothes on a beach can be a tricky task, and changing robes are an ideal solution. These robes keep you warm and dry while changing your clothes. They are available in many different sizes and materials, and they can be purchased in several colors and styles. When choosing a changing robe, consider its function, as well as the materials and design. Read on to learn more about changing robes and what they can do for you.

Changing Ponchos

Changing ponchos before surfing can be a pain in the butt. A poncho can prevent you from catching a cold, and it can help you keep warm while surfing. Ponchos are available in various materials, including terrycloth, microfiber, and cotton. Terrycloth is the best material for cold weather, while microfiber is more lightweight and does not keep you as warm as terrycloth. Turkish cotton is a stylish option, though it is not as warm as terrycloth.


Buying a wetsuit for the first time can be confusing. Here are some tips on choosing a suit for the right fit. Before you start shopping for a wetsuit, take some measurements of your body. Make sure to measure all relevant body parts, such as chest and waist. Most surf wetsuit manufacturers use imperial measurements, but you can also find brands that provide metric equivalents.


For women, there's no better accessory than a pair of boardshorts, and Roxy's Endless Summer 2" shorts are perfect for the beach. Made of polyester-cotton-spandex blend, these shorts stretch with you and keep you comfortable all day. The high-rise waistband and tipped drawcord add a touch of style. This pair of boardshorts is crafted in Australia by women surfers who know how important quality is.

Traction Pads

Traction pads sit near the tail of the surfboard, making them easy to find and place. Although they all have similar functions, they differ in shapes, textures, colors, arch contours, and kick profiles. Most shortboards feature traction pads, but you can select one based on your preference. To install, simply scrape the old traction pad clean with a utility knife or card, and then slide it onto the tail of the surfboard.

Changing Mats

Changing mats can make the transition from wetsuit to drysuit faster and easier. A good changing mat should be large enough to fit a wetsuit over 38 inches when laid flat. These mats are a good idea for people who surf every day, especially for those who have little kids. There are several options available on the market, and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs. Here are some tips to choose the right one:

Ear Plugs

Wearing ear plugs before surfing is an excellent way to protect your ears from the high-pressure sounds of the surf. The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of ear plugs you want to wear. You can find several types in the market. For the most part, surf ear plugs are made of latex-free plastic. Some types of ear plugs have wing tips or are shaped like the inside of your ear. The type you choose will depend on how much noise you anticipate to hear.

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