What Are Booties for Rafting?

June 29, 2022 2 min read

If you're going rafting, you need to be wearing the right shoes. Rafters can't wear their old sneakers, and they may need to purchase a pair of wetsuit boots. If you're unsure of whether you should wear a wetsuit boot or a pair of RAFTER boots, read on! You'll learn more about rafting shoes and what to wear when you're on the water.

Rafter bootie

The Rafter bootie is an extremely popular style of shoe for rafting. It offers maximum protection and warmth for rafters. Its convenient side zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. It is also very durable with double reinforcement on the instep and an anti-slip outsole. Rafting companies love this boot, which features double-needle stitching for strength. It also looks great with any outfit and is very easy to clean.

Suitable Shoes for Rafting

A good pair of rafting shoes will be waterproof and durable. Chaco sandals and Teva's are two popular options. Chacos don't provide much toe protection but they are made well. If you're looking for a more casual style, consider a sandal without a toe loop. The latter style won't protect your toes as much as Chacos and Tevas, but they will keep your feet protected from the sun.

Suitable shoes for rafting are comfortable and keep your feet dry. Flip-flops and other non-specialized footwear will not be comfortable on the river. Choose comfortable, durable shoes with good arch support and water-repellent materials. Suitable shoes for rafting must also be breathable and quick-drying. The AVA can help you find the best shoes for your needs. If you have questions, contact the AVA office at 877-Rafting.

Wetsuit Boots

Wetsuit boots are footwear designed for water sports such as rafting. The material of these boots is often known as neoprene, and they can be found in different types. There are women's and men's wetsuit boots, as well as unisex styles. The only difference between the men's and women's styles is the size. The phrase 'runs large' means that these boots are a bit larger than their counterparts in most countries.

If you're a beginner in rafting, you can opt for a pair of neoprene boots. These are lightweight and comfortable, but they are also ideal for kayaking. They can be made of three-mm neoprene and have nylon waterproof shafts. The shafts fold down to form a shoe, and they can be folded under the leg section of a drysuit to create a double fold. These boots also have 2 laces, making them adjustable for different layers of socks.

Old Sneakers

Beater running shoes make a great pair of rafting shoes. Old sneakers have a solid sole and laces that fasten securely. They won't get lost in the currents of the river, and they also smell great after rafting. But be prepared: old sneakers can be quite smelly! Read on for a few tips on how to make old sneakers suitable for rafting. Also, read on for tips on how to make your sneakers look clean and smell fresh after rafting.

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