What Are Mid-Leg Kids' Shorts Called?

August 04, 2022 2 min read

These kids' shorts are often referred to as 'Stockings,' 'Knickers', or 'All-Over.' But what are they really? And how do you tell them apart? What are the types of kids shorts? Read on to learn more! Listed below are some common terms used for these kids' shorts. Listed alphabetically by brand, 'Stockings' and 'Knickers' are the most popular types.


During the 1920s, children wore knickers that were above the knee. Many parents would insist that the knicker buckle be above the knee. The knicker buckling sparked a mother-son debate, and in the end, most boys opposed the idea. In the 1930s, the knicker buckling stayed above the knee.


The origins of 'knickers' in the United States are not known for certain. While the shorts themselves may have been called 'knickers,' the shorts were usually dark in color. In America, children often wore white knickers during the summer. White knickers were associated with sporty costumes and were worn by boys in affluent households.

While 'knickers' are commonly called 'knickers', this term doesn't apply to kids' shorts. This garment was first worn by boys in the late nineteenth century. While it is not known when knickers were invented, they likely evolved from the 18th century knee breeches. By the 1860s, knickers were being worn outdoors and may have originated from knee-length breeches. In the 1910s, however, they came into their own as specialized children's clothing. After World War I, American boys wore knickers over short pants, while Europeans wore knee-socks or other types of pants.


'Chino' Mid-Leg Kids' Shorts are designed to fit the shape of a kid's legs. With a black, matte finish, this short is made with red glitter embedded into the fabric. They're made of soft, comfortable fabric. The shorts' front fly can be adjusted to fit the space around them.


What are mid-length kids' shorts called? These types of shorts are usually more comfortable and stylish than regular shorts. These shorts are a good alternative to sweatshirts and joggers. Their relaxed fit is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Most cargo shorts are slim-fitting and trendy, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear. Read more about the differences in lengths of kids shorts.

Depending on the region, these shorts may be referred to as dress shorts or casual shorts. These shorts are worn over the pelvic area, circle the waist, and split to cover the upper part of the leg. Sometimes they extend up to the knee. On the other hand, trousers cover the entire leg, but do not cover the foot. Shorts are often worn in warm weather.

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