What Are the Benefits of Kitesurfing to Your Body?

July 19, 2022 3 min read

There are many positive physical and mental effects of kitesurfing. For starters, it's a fun way to get rid of stress. Although it's an extreme sport, kitesurfing is completely safe and creates an adrenaline rush that can produce a feeling of wellness. In addition, a large body of research demonstrates the health benefits of spending time in nature. Being exposed to the natural environment has a positive effect on one's mood, immune system, and endocrine system. Additionally, increased exposure to the sunshine and fresh air has an overall positive effect on the sleep and well-being of an individual.

Cross Training

There are numerous cross training benefits to kitesurfing for your body. You can use kitesurfing as a cardio workout by riding a powerful kite for several miles. Alternatively, you can perform more intense activities such as jumping, flying, flipping, and spinning to increase the intensity of your workout. These activities can help prevent injuries caused by repetitive strain and posture constraints. You can also benefit from the increased stamina and agility of kitesurfing.

Other cross training benefits of kitesurfing include the exercise of the legs and core. Kitesurfing requires the use of cardiovascular power and endurance to combat waves and chop. The body is continuously challenged in both activities. It is also psychologically refreshing to take a break from one activity and perform another. Listed below are some of the cross training benefits of kitesurfing for your body:

Calorie Burning

The physical and mental challenges of kitesurfing burn off calories while providing a high-level of stress-relief. It requires you to pay attention to your balance and coordination while constantly moving, which in turn strengthens your immune system and boosts your mood. You'll experience an incredible sense of well-being, thanks to the release of endorphins, which are beneficial to your health.

The workout involved in kitesurfing is intense, building muscle while toning the upper body, exercising the core and lower back, and strengthening the legs. One hour of kitesurfing burns about 600 calories for a 130-pound person. A 175-pound person can burn up to a thousand calories in an hour. Although the workout varies, women generally burn more calories than men, and stronger wind can increase the workout significantly.

Another benefit of kiteboarding is its aerobic and resistance training. Since kitesurfing involves multiple tasks, including keeping a steady balance on the board, working out helps you do bigger stunts on your board and burning calories fast. If you're interested in becoming a kitesurfer, check out this guide to learn more about the benefits of kitesurfing to your body.

Maintaining Strength

While it may not be an obvious way to maintain strength, there are several ways to do so, particularly if you're planning to take up kitesurfing as a hobby. First, you should ensure your body is fit. While kitesurfing may require minimal fitness, it is a demanding activity. As a result, your instructor will likely encourage you to pace yourself. This way, you can continue to train and enjoy your hobby.

As with any sport, maintaining strength through kitesurfing is important for overall health and well-being. It works your upper body, abductors, arms, legs, and hands. You'll also experience cardio workouts through battling waves and chop. Not to mention that you'll be exercising your heart and lungs. In addition, kitesurfing also requires your arms, thighs, and calves to stay strong.

Mental Well-Being

Many people talk about the mental benefits of kitesurfing when talking about a variety of different health issues. However, it is often hard to pin down what exactly makes kitesurfing such a great exercise. Many people attribute the stress-relieving effects of the activity to the fact that it is a complete brain shut-off. The activity also requires a high level of awareness and feeling, which has been proven to increase the immune system.

A large part of the benefit of kitesurfing is that it requires high levels of attention. As the sport is so engaging and entertaining, kitesurfers can leave the stresses of life on shore and enter into a whole different state of mind. This allows them to be fully aware of the experience and remain present in the moment. They can even develop a stronger sense of self-esteem when they are able to successfully complete a challenge.

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