What Brand Do Pro Surfers Use?

May 17, 2022 3 min read

Roxy: The sister brand to Quicksilver, Roxy is the most popular surfing brand for women. Founded in 1990 as a swim line, Roxy has expanded into snowboard and surfing gear. Roxy now produces women's wetsuits, rash guards, surf jackets, and booties. Among Roxy's most notable riders are Kella Moniz, Stephanie Gilmore, and Lisa Anderson. They also sponsor the Women's Championship Tour.

JS Industries

JS Industries creates high-performance surfboards that are used by the world's top pro surfers. Many world-class surfers, such as Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Luke Egan, and Julian Wilson, use JS boards. These boards feature extra volume and a wider outline, which makes them forgiving and more responsive. They've also been used by many pro athletes, including Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, and Occy. Before reaching these high standards in your equipment, you can always try to upgrade your style with some extra surfing lessons.

Lost Surfboards

Los Angeles, California is the mecca for surfboard makers. This cottage industry is a magnet for pro shapers from all over the world. Shapers from all over the world flock to Los Angeles to trade ideas and get constructive criticism from some of the world's best surfers. One of those shapers is Chris Bugge, a UK surfer who discovered his passion for board making while training in the UK.

Liquid Shredder

The Liquid Shredder is a brand of handcrafted surfboards from Peru. They are shaped by surfers, for surfers. Each one is designed from experience. In addition, they offer hybrid surfboards. These boards are easy to maneuver and offer great stability. If you want to get into surfing, the Liquid Shredder is a great choice. Check out these features to see why pro surfers use Liquid Shredder.

Lib Tech

Lib Tech has been making quality snowboards for over 20 years and is a popular choice among many pro surfers. The brand's focus is on high-quality boards and a stylish theme that increases brand awareness. Lib Tech offers a range of boards that are suitable for competitions and everyday use. Its renowned Nitrogen core is durable and will not absorb water, so the board will not absorb water after impact. Lib Tech's boards also offer a balance between wave catching ability and speed generation in tiny to medium sized surf. Lib Tech's boards are manufactured by highly skilled experts, using only the best non-hazardous materials and eco-friendly processes.

Lib Tech vs Thurso Surf

If you're considering purchasing a SUP for your first time, the best option will likely be a Lib Tech. The two companies both use eps and epoxy for their boards, and both also feature unique features like MILF fins, super light fiber-composite cup leash plugs, and banana technology. However, there are some significant differences between the two brands. Below are the key differences between them.


If you've been surfing for many years, you've probably wondered if the top pro surfers use Xcel. If you haven't, here are a few reasons why. The company is environmentally friendly, using water-based glues and recycled polyester and limestone-based neoprene. Xcel also recycles its waste, so you can rest assured that your board will be environmentally friendly and able to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean.


The most iconic surf spot in the world, Oahu's North Shore, is home to the world-renowned Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Between November 12 and December 20, this event is the ultimate test of big-wave surfing. Each contest is held at a different beach, testing each competitor's ability to adapt to the conditions in each location. Vans makes the competition an extra treat for the competitors, with an extra price tag for style.


Among the leading brands for pro surfers, Hurley has a rich history of developing clothing and surfboards. It represents the California lifestyle and has the respect of surfers and industry executives alike. Hurley has even created its own social media game. Players could check in to various locations and win prizes. Score Cards could also be used to enter grand prize drawings. The Score Card game is available in select retail locations.


If you're looking for a board that will take the abuse of your favorite wave, consider a Billabong, one of the oldest surfing brands. The company's legendary surfboards have been worn by the best surfers for decades. They're made of the best materials and feature top-quality construction. Plus, Billabong's renowned loyalty program has a long list of benefits. It's not just surfboards that benefit from this program.

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