What Can You Do With a 100-Meter Water-Resistant Watch?

August 23, 2022 4 min read

In a previous article, we explored the different categories of water-resistant watches. We looked at 100-meter water-resistant watches, 200-meter water-resistant watches, and 300-meter water-resistant watches. We also explored the difference between COSC and ISO-certified watches, and 1000-meter water-resistant watches. The difference is significant, and it is worth considering. We'll discuss each category and their advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose a watch that best suits your needs. We'll answer if it's possible to dive with 100m watch.

100-Meter Watches Are Water Resistant

Many wrist watches feature a water-resistant seal, and these are a good option for those who swim, go boating, or enjoy any other type of water sports. The water-resistant seal is made to resist water pressure at a specific pressure level. The pressure level is usually expressed in atmospheres or bars, but it is sometimes also indicated in meters. The equivalent water depth is also indicated, if applicable, in the United States. Water resistant 100m doesn't mean it's waterproof.

To find out how much water a watch is capable of withstanding, look at the dial and the back of the watch. It should be marked with either 30M, 50M, or 100M. In some cases, it may also be marked with the number 330ft. If you are unsure, consult your owner's manual for guidance. If you can't find an official number, buy a watch with a higher water resistance rating. How deep can you go with this watch? Find out in our next article.

200-Meter Watches Are COSC-Certified

This is a high-quality model with 20-ATM water resistance. This water-resistant watch comes with a screw-down case back and triple-gasketed crown. The stainless steel dial is finished with a negative-relief gilt pattern. It is also COSC-certified, meaning its movement is COSC-certified. Designed for high-impact water sports like scuba diving, the S&G features a black leather strap and a steel-and-gold case.

Not all chronometers are COSC-certified. Even if a watch is technically a chronometer, it will not keep accurate time if it is not certified by the COSC. Generally, COSC-certified watches are Swiss-made, and the word Chronometer must be stamped on the case or dial of the watch. Although other countries may use the term Chronometer, it is not a true indication of accuracy.

300-Meter Watches Are ISO-Certified

A 300-meter watch is a type of water-resistant watch that has passed the strict standards for water resistance set by ISO 6425. These standards determine the level of water resistance of watches, and are applicable to both static and dynamic water. Specifically, watches that are rated at 200 meters or more are waterproof under 375 meters of static water. While this may not sound like much, it is an important factor for divers.

Some watches have more than one level of water resistance, ranging from 100 meters to 1,000 meters. This is important for diving because you will want to know how much pressure a particular watch is capable of withstanding. However, not all 300-meter watches are certified, and if you do want to dive deep, a 1000-meter watch is necessary. A watch rated at a higher level will be more expensive than a 300-meter watch, so make sure to shop around.

1000-Meter Watches Are COSC-Certified

The latest COSC-certified diving watch comes from TAG Heuer, the Aquaracer Professional 1000. This remarkable diving watch features a 70-hour power reserve, helium valve, and an impressive design. In addition to the COSC certification, this watch has extended international warranty protection. So, you can trust it to endure the most extreme pressures. And, since this watch is COSC-certified, you can be sure that it will never lose accuracy or function, even under water.

A COSC-certified watch has passed rigorous tests to ensure their accuracy. The COSC issues more than 1 million certifications per year. These watches must meet seven criteria before they are certified by the COSC. Having a COSC-certified watch means that you can be sure that the watch will tell the time accurately. COSC-certified watches are also a good investment, because they'll last a lifetime and be reliable to wear even under extreme conditions.

300-Meter Watches Are COSC-Certified

A good COSC-certified 300-meter watch will be resistant to water for at least a year, and even longer for serious divers. A 300-meter watch is generally waterproof to that depth, and often has other factors built in that make it suitable for diving. Many watches that claim to be waterproof are actually COSC-certified chronometers, which are the best kind to look for. A 300-meter watch will be a great addition to any collection.

The SUB 300 was originally worn by Jacques Cousteau during "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" and "Team Undersea Odyssey". This cult diver watch was reissued in 2012 by Doxa, which secured exclusive distribution rights in the United States. The SUB 300 is available with a stainless steel or titanium case, and features a chronograph and a COSC-certified movement. Its dial is black, blue, or green.

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