What Can't You Do in Thailand?

August 02, 2022 4 min read

What Can't You Do in Thailand? This article covers some of the most common and most disrespectful things to avoid when visiting this country. From not touching the monks to not overpaying for souvenirs, you'll learn the most common things to avoid offending the locals. Keep reading to learn more about Thailand's cultural etiquette. You might be surprised by what you don't know! Read here about picnics in Thailand.

Disrespectful Things Not to Do in Thailand

While you might be tempted to touch people's heads in other countries, this isn't an acceptable behavior in Thailand. Thais view the head as the holiest part of the body, and touching it with your hands is a sign of disrespect. In fact, touching a person's head is considered offensive by the Chinese. Besides, it's also disrespectful to the monarchy. Thailand has some strict laws.

It's also considered impolite to point your feet. If you're going to point to someone's feet, do it with your toes or with the bottom of your foot. If you're seated on the floor, don't expose your bottom! Similarly, don't point your feet at a Buddha, temple, or other prominent place. And, don't step on Thai money.

Avoiding Contact With Monks

One of the best ways to avoid contact with monks in Thailand is to avoid touching them. Although most monks are highly pious, they are not particularly social, and may even be a threat to tourists. If you encounter a monk, always bow before approaching, and do not ask for personal information. Monks are also naturally shy, and if you're a woman, be extra careful, as they are forbidden from making physical contact with women.

It is important to avoid dealing with monks, but sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. It is best to avoid contact with them, unless you're genuinely curious about their lifestyle. Some monks are more interested in money than in teaching Buddhism, and they're also more likely to be tempted to deal in it. However, you may be able to avoid contact with them if you follow their rules.

Avoiding Iguanas

If you're heading to Thailand, there's one important fact that you need to be aware of: iguanas are everywhere. However, it's not always easy to avoid them, so here are some tips to keep in mind:

You'll want to be on the lookout for Green Iguanas. They live in Thailand and are often found in tourist areas, but they are not the only animals you need to avoid. You can even find them in zoological institutions. In some zoological parks in Thailand, you can even see them co-housed with other species. For instance, in one zoological park in Krabi Province, you'll find the Green Iguana living alongside the Ring-tailed Lemur. The two species share a wooden platform and are very similar in appearance, and their habitats are complementary.

Avoiding Overpaying for Souvenirs

Don't get ripped off in Thailand by overpaying for souvenirs. You can bargain for a much lower price by speaking the local language. While bargaining, look at the item with doubt and appear uninterested. Try to get 25% off the asking price. It's perfectly normal to be overcharged, but you don't need to do this all the time. Just keep in mind that you don't want to make a fool of yourself, and be a bargaining machine.

Avoiding Smooching

It is a good idea to avoid smooching in Thailand. Thais have different etiquette from Westerners, and are quick to forgive minor blunders. However, a basic knowledge of Thai etiquette will make a huge difference in your social interactions with locals. Thais use their first names, or the all-purpose title Khun. The typical greeting is "Wai" (hello) or "hello."

While Thailand is a conservative country, Western cultural influences are making Thailand more liberal when it comes to public affection. Public kissing between men and women is not appropriate in Bangkok, but hand-holding is acceptable in larger cities. Standing with your arms around your waist is also acceptable. When a Thai friend initiates a kiss, it is customary to offer an apology. Then, move on to another person.

Avoiding Making Out in Public

Thais are notorious for their public disapproval of kissing and making out in public, but this has been changing recently with increased Western cultural influence. In the big cities, attitudes toward public displays of affection are generally relaxed, but in smaller villages, you should exercise a certain amount of caution. Here are some tips for tourists to avoid making out in public in Thailand. Let's face it: Thailand is a culturally conservative country. That means that most people don't display much affection in public.

First, keep your hands to yourself. Thais are very conservative and won't tolerate touching their children or other members of the opposite sex, so avoid touching children or making out in public. While kissing and hugging in public is perfectly acceptable, it's not a good idea to touch a child or other person in Thailand. Thais are also quite physical when it comes to dating, and don't want to be embarrassed by a kissing stranger.

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