What Color Swimsuit Makes You Look Tan?

May 19, 2022 3 min read

You've probably wondered, "What color swimsuit makes you look tan?" The answer depends on your body type and lifestyle, so we've done the research for you. Burnt orange is the most obvious color to avoid, but there are plenty of others. Black, white, and navy are all equally popular, and they all offset your tan, but which one will give you the glow and which is the best swimsuit color?

Burnt Orange

The burnt orange color is a fun and flattering choice for your summer swimsuit. This color is sometimes referred to as rust. You can choose a two-piece burnt orange suit, or go for the classic one-piece style. It's a great way to branch out from black and white, but you'll still look hot, especially during the golden hour. The resulting look is both stunning and flattering.


A black swimsuit will make you look tan, and the opposite is true. Black is awesome choice when you want to look thinner. There are also different shapes and colors of swimsuits with the slimming effect. The summer season is in full swing, so why not show off your tan in the most flattering way? While you're at the beach, show off your tan with a beautiful bathing suit. Halle Berry and Jessica Alba wowed in orange bikinis in Die Another Day. Embrace your natural tan and flaunt your tan in style.


Having a white swimsuit will make you look tanner than you actually are. The reason behind this is because white swimsuits reflect more sunlight than black or dark colors. A white bathing suit will also reflect red light from the sun. Those red rays are the ones that make you look tanner. So if you want to look tanner, consider wearing a white bathing suit.


If you have a light skin tone, you should avoid wearing a navy swimsuit. Your skin tone will appear yellow-orange or tan. You can get a better effect with a bright, solid-colored top. However, the best swimsuits are see-through. To make your skin look healthy and radiant, choose colors that match your skin tone. If you're a dark-skinned woman, it may be best to stay away from bright colors like orange and yellow.


A dark purple swimsuit will flatter anyone, regardless of skin tone. This colour has a classic vibe similar to black, but has its own unique twist. In addition to being flattering for your skin tone, the one-piece cut is also a great choice for a day at the beach. This swimsuit also helps you show off that tan! Read on to discover how to choose a swimsuit that will suit your skin tone.


Unless you're lucky enough to have very pale skin, a red swimsuit can make you look tan. Moreover, it can damage your skin if you wear too much of it. In order to avoid looking orange, avoid wearing bright colours such as white, yellow, or red. Instead, try to stick to darker shades. Bright colors are not the best choice for fair skin. You can go for shades like sky blue or navy blue.


If you are not sure which color to wear, consider a cool hue such as green. You'll look tanter in green than in a darker shade, and this color compliments gray-toned skin. You can also wear yellow or gold to enhance your tan. However, keep in mind that bright, shiny colours will make you look even taner. Besides, light colors like yellow and blue bring out the natural orange tones of your skin. The key to looking tanned is having enough contrast between your skin tone and your clothing color. Wearing clothing that is lighter than your skin tone will not do any magic for you.


Whether you want to get tanned for the beach or just to have a good time, blue is a color you can wear year-round. While most of these colors are too dark to make you look tan, baby blues are a great option no matter what season it is. Blue is the lowest-luminance color, and adding white will make it lighter than your skin tone.

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