What Do I Need to Bring for My Dog to the Beach?

September 27, 2022 3 min read

If you are heading to the beach with your dog, there are several things you will need to bring. Find the right beach gear for dogs. These include a pet first aid kit, Booties, Goggles, and Sunscreen. The best sunscreen is broad-spectrum, and it's free from toxic ingredients. Also, be sure to bring plenty of plastic bags for picking up your dog's waste.

Pet First Aid Kit

Putting together a pet first aid kit is easier than you might think. By including the basics, you can ensure your kit will be prepared in the event of an accident. A good first aid kit will have plenty of supplies, but it should also be easy to access. There's a fine line between over and under-packaging, so consider what you'll actually need.

First of all, it's important to have a veterinarian's contact information readily available. In addition, you'll want the phone number of a pet poison hotline. Also, you'll want to copy the dog's vaccination records and note the dosage of any medications. Having a photo of your pet will also help you in case your pet gets lost. You should also write down his or her tag number and microchip I.D. for future reference. In addition, having a bottle of vet-approved antiseptic spray will help alleviate any pain from bug bites. Read more to learn how to keep your dog cool on the beach.


Booties for dogs at the beach are a great way to keep your dog comfortable on the sand and water. But you need to choose a pair that is comfortable for your dog. Make sure they are snugly fitting so they do not rub or cause discomfort. Look for a pair that is easy to clean so your dog does not suffer from discomfort while walking.

A pair of dog booties can also be helpful in cold weather. You should look for ones that have full-foot neoprene and durable rubber soles. Some models come with high-traction soles, which are not necessary for every adventure but can be helpful if the terrain is wet or slippery.


If you have a dog, there are some things you should always have with you when you go to the beach. A dog sun visor or goggles will protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and will protect your dog from the hot sand and waves. Sunscreen is also important for your dog because some breeds are more susceptible to sunburn. You should also bring some treats and a dog bed to reward good behavior.

You should make sure that your dog is wearing a dog ID collar. You may also want to invest in a waterproof GPS tracker for your pup. It's also best to tether puppies to you. Older dogs can also enjoy the dog beach.


If you're heading to the beach with your pooch, remember to apply sunscreen to its exposed skin. This includes their nose, ears, belly, groin area, and paws. You should reapply every three to six hours and after swimming. Using sunscreen is recommended whether your dog lives inside or goes outdoors frequently.

When it comes to sunscreen for dogs, it's important to find a brand that uses a mineral-based formula with a high SPF. You don't want your dog licking off a chemical sunscreen product; instead, you want to use one that's safe for dogs and not harmful to the environment. Look for sunscreen that's made with a mineral-based ingredient like titanium dioxide.

Sunscreen for dogs is safer than human sunscreen, but be sure to test it first to ensure it's safe. Many humans use sunscreen to protect their skin, but it's possible that your pet will accidentally lick off some. It's also important to note that a dog can swallow sunscreen, so be sure to check for any side effects before you take them on a trip.


Dogs love to be by the seaside, but it can be dangerous for them to eat beach sand. This can result in vomiting, dehydration, and abdominal pain. You should avoid letting your dog lick the sand, and keep fresh water close by. In case of an emergency, contact a vet.

You should also pack food for dogs at the beach. The salty seawater can whet your dog's appetite, so bring food to reward good behaviour at the beach. Also, remember to pack towels, which will help you dry your pup off and provide a home base. It will also be a great way to keep your pup warm from the hot sand.

Another healthy addition to your dog's diet is sea vegetables. These edible seaweeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. Common varieties include kelp, dulse, arame, nori, and irish moss. You can find them in a wide variety of colors, ranging from red to blue-green to brown.

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