What Do You Wear Under a White Water Rafting Wetsuit?

June 29, 2022 3 min read

The most common question that people ask when they get into white water rafting is, what do you wear under a wetsuit? There are two basic options for men: a swimsuit or synthetic boxers. Cotton gets heavy when wet, and synthetic material keeps you warm. Below are some tips on what to wear under a wetsuit.

Thin Synthetic Top

The thin synthetic top under your white water rafting wetsuit can be a versatile piece of clothing. For a 15 degree water temperature, a neoprene wetsuit is the best option. These suits have short sleeves and can be cropped in length to accommodate shorter legs. The stretchy material is ergonomic and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for strenuous activities. A puka shell necklace and sunglasses can be the perfect finishing touch.

When purchasing a top, you should consider how it will protect your skin and keep you warm. White water rafting can be a physically challenging activity and should be paired with practical clothing. The wetsuit offers maximum protection, but your top should be breathable, too. For the best comfort, opt for synthetic materials over cotton-based alternatives. Thin synthetic tops can also be worn over your bikini or traditional exercising clothes.

Long Underwear

Before buying a wetsuit, you should know what it is made of. Synthetic long underwear is the base layer of the wetsuit, and is made of materials such as nylon, merino wool, and Capilene. Cotton long underwear is suitable only for those with pale skin and will show the color of the wetsuit underneath. Because wetsuits cover the underwear, they should fit snugly and be of the proper size.

Dry Suit

When the river is cold, a dry suit is your best bet. While dry suits don't offer the same flexibility and warmth as a wetsuit, they are extremely warm and keep you dry. This article explores some of the benefits of wearing a dry suit and why it's an absolute necessity. You'll be glad you bought one! John McCloy is a professional copywriter and paddlesports enthusiast. He's usually climbing a mountain in England.

When it comes to getting into a drysuit, the front-zip design offers the easiest access. The zipper starts at the upper right shoulder and angles downward toward the left waist. This design makes it easiest for paddlers to reach the zipper tab. However, you should always take the size of your drysuit into consideration before deciding to buy it. You can even cut the neck gasket to make it looser or tighter if you want to.

Surfing Wetsuit

What to wear under a white water surfing suit is a common question, and the answer varies depending on the conditions and climate. In cooler months, thermal layers are a must. Thermal layers range in thickness and design, and they have to balance warmth and flexibility. A standard thermal layer is a rash guard with added polypropylene, which is a fluffier material than a traditional wetsuit.

While men tend to wear nothing under their wetsuit, women cannot have that luxury. Because white water surfing requires repetitive movements, minor irritations can worsen when you're paddling, and the last thing you want is to be exposed to the elements! Try on several different wetsuits before you make a decision. Every brand cuts slightly differently and stretches out with time. It's important to try on multiple wetsuits and find one that fits perfectly.

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