What Extra Accessories May I Need When Traveling With My Paddle Board?

July 17, 2022 3 min read

In addition to paddle board accessories, you may want to consider a travel bag, GILI kayak & paddle board anchor kit, DocksLocks SUP anti-theft system, and Zeeporte mask, fin, and snorkel set. In this article, we'll discuss a few of the most common accessories for paddle boards. See how to pack SUP for traveling.

SUP Travel Bag

Investing in a good SUP travel bag will make carrying your board and essentials much easier. Unlike traditional backpacks, SUP travel bags feature strong wheels and extra padded shoulder straps to distribute the weight of the board and equipment evenly. Many also include an exterior zippered pocket for storing your board pump. Many models are versatile enough to carry a wide range of SUPs, so you can be sure that your board and gear will be protected in the best way possible.

When it comes to the size of your SUP travel bag, choose a bag that is designed to fit all BIC Sport SUPs. These bags are made of a sturdy, heat-resistant PolyPro fabric that minimizes exposure to heat. If your board is larger than one of these bags, you may want to consider purchasing one that is narrower than the others. Most bags are made to accommodate a single board, but if you have multiple boards, you may need a more substantial bag.

GILI Kayak & Paddle Board Anchor Kit

When you're on a paddling adventure, it's vital to carry an anchor kit with you. This lightweight kit, designed for the GILI Kayak and Paddle Board, has a 3.5 pound 4-fluke folding anchor. Its black rope has brightly colored accents and is easy to carry with you on your kayak or SUP. Paddleboarding in moving water can be difficult, but the GILI Kayak & Paddle Board Anchor Kit is perfect for this situation. If you need to send a paddle board to someone, see how much it cost to ship paddle board.

The 4-flute folding anchor is lightweight and easily stored in its included fully padded storage case. The kit includes 40 feet of marine-grade rope, PVC buoy to help you find the anchor line, and a stainless steel snap hook for easy deployment. The 4-flute anchor holds firm even on rocky, coral, and weedy bottoms. The 3.5-pound Folding Anchor holds securely in all types of water, including sand, mud, and rock bottoms.

DocksLocks SUP Anti-Theft System

If you are worried about theft when traveling with your paddle board, it is important to invest in the DocksLocks SUP anti-tampering system. This patented locking system is effective in preventing thieves from taking your board. This security system is easy to use and is suitable for both surfboards and SUP paddle boards. It is easy to install and disassemble.

A DocksLocks SUP anti-tamper-resistant lock works by securing the paddle board with a cable that has a combination lock. The cable must be secured to something that cannot be easily removed. This cable is long enough to fit over several paddle boards. The cable is made from marine-grade stainless steel, which is abrasion-resistant material. It can also be customized for different boards.

For added security, you can use Thule security cables. These cables come with a steel band with an outer nylon sleeve. They have rubberized ends so that they don't damage the paddle board. The Thule brand is well-known for quality and long warranty periods. If you're worried about theft, this lock is an essential accessory for traveling with paddle board.

Zeeporte Mask, Fin, and Snorkel Set

The first set that you should purchase is the Zeeporte mask, fin, and scuba-style snorkel. You can purchase the same set of snorkeling gear at a scuba shop for a fraction of the price. This set comes with a mask, fins, and scuba-style snorkel, and it comes in gray and blue. You can also purchase a set that includes both the snorkel and fins, depending on the size of your paddle board.

For a truly immersive paddle experience, you'll want a quality snorkel, mask, and fin set. A Zeeporte set includes a tempered glass mask, waterproof fins, and a filter pad. These essentials will keep you protected while on the water. You'll never worry about getting lost or getting stung by coral again! These pieces make snorkeling more fun than ever.

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