What Is a Dive Watch Basic Purpose?

August 22, 2022 4 min read

A Dive watch has three main purposes - to tell the diver's dive start time and to display their air supply. A rotating bezel marks the minute when underwater. This feature allows the diver to accurately gauge their air supply. Having an accurate time can mean the difference between being safe or not. In addition, the watch allows the diver to mark the minute while underwater, thereby ensuring a safe dive. Do divers really use dive watches at all? Let's find out.

Diver's Watch

A diver's watch has an inherent purpose of keeping time under water. Their oversized dials and thick globs of lume make it easy for the diver to tell the time underwater. These watches are also extremely legible, making timekeeping that much easier. They can be purchased for under $1,000 and feature both mechanical and battery-powered movements. And because of their low-maintenance nature, a diver can own a diver's watch for under a thousand dollars.

Despite their basic purpose, a diver's watch is more complicated than its appearance. Its main use is to tell time, allowing a diver to plan his dive accordingly. The exact time he sets off for a dive is vital for safety. It is possible to mark the minute while diving by rotating the bezel and waiting until the minute hand reaches the running second hand. With this functionality, a diver can measure the time for longer periods of time.

Diving Watch

What is the basic purpose of a diving watch? First and foremost, a diver needs a precise way to measure the time when they are underwater. Accurate time is critical for a diver's safety as well as his air supply. A diver's watch functions as an accurate timer, marking each minute with a rotating bezel. There are many different types of diving watches, each with a slightly different purpose.

A diver will often experience bends while underwater, which can cause decompression sickness and even death if left untreated. So, a diving watch is an essential piece of equipment for the diver. They also may contain complications found on a regular sport watch, such as a date and alarm. But there are also specialized models that have a special design and may be the only one with these features. For more information on diving watches, check out the various reviews online or contact your local dive shop. For more information about how watches show decompression data, read more from us.

Personal Dive Computer

The basic purpose of a personal dive computer is to help the diver stay safe and comfortable in the water. Some dive computers come with alarms and displays that show the remaining time of air. Others are integrated with other diving instruments. These devices provide useful information such as air consumption, depth, and average breathing rate. Because divers use them constantly, it is important to choose a dive computer that makes sense and is easy to read.

Despite their basic purpose, dive computers are not suitable for every diver. Think of them like boats - a canoe is easy to handle, but a sixty-foot yacht requires a different skill level. They are geared toward different levels of expertise, so there is a personal dive computer that suits your needs. In addition to basic functions, many dive computers come with numerous features that will keep you informed.

Underwater Navigation

The basic purpose of a dive watch is to aid in underwater navigation. It has two functions: timekeeping and monitoring underwater. The watch case is the outer shell of the watch and keeps the internal mechanisms safe. The case should be made of durable material, ideally at least 100 meters. The bezel of the watch connects to the case, and is usually made of a durable material. The elapsed time indicator is the most important feature.

The compass is another important feature. When diving, divers must use it to navigate underwater. Using a compass is not enough. They should also check the depth gauge every time they are near a wreck. If the dive site is shallow, divers should head toward it to reduce the risk of losing their way. If they get lost, they should head toward the shore for safe return.

Water-Resistance Rating of a Diver's Watch

The water-resistance rating of a diving watch refers to its ability to withstand water pressure in a variety of circumstances. ISO 2281 defines the exact method of testing for each mark. The water temperature must be between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius. The watch must not show any evidence of water intrusion during the test. It must also show no evidence of airflow exceeding 50 mg/min.

Some of the most common types of watches are Water Resistant (WRR). These watches are sealed against water and usually contain an indication of the static test pressure. This pressure is often expressed in atmospheres or bar. The equivalent depth in meters is sometimes indicated. In the United States, the equivalent water depth is measured in feet. In the event of an emergency, it's advisable to purchase a watch that has a 5 ATM water-resistance rating.

Functions of a Diver's Watch

A diver's watch is designed to tell the time while a diver is underwater. It has a large luminous bezel that makes reading the time easy and convenient. The minute hand moves around the dial, so a diver can see its position and calculate how many minutes are left. If a diver is only 20 minutes underwater, a diver's watch will show the minutes remaining on a small scale.

A good dive watch will have a ratcheted one-way rotating bezel to measure the time under water and indicate when to resurface. Bi-directional bezels may cause a diver to mistakenly push it in the wrong direction, so a one-way rotating bezel is better for this purpose. In addition, most diver's watches should feature anti-glare crystals and Super-LumiNova hands and markers to provide visibility under low light. Dive watches can be very expensive because of different functions they have. Find the right watch for you, and stay informed with our articles.

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