What Is a Pembroke Table?

September 27, 2022 3 min read

Pembroke tables are a great addition to any home. There a few types of their folding tables. Their elegant form and versatile functionality make them a beautiful addition to any collection. The Wolfson Art and Antiques Show will feature many different styles of Pembroke tables. No matter what style you're looking for, you'll find it at Wolfson.

Countess of Pembroke

The Countess of Pembrok, or Mary Herbert, was an English poet and the first woman to be a countess. She founded the Wilton Circle, which became a haven for poets and writers, and entertained Queen Elizabeth I at Bayndard's Castle in the City of London.

The Pembroke table is a drop-leaf table that features two short and one long drawer. It was originally shaped like an oval but was reshaped during the Victorian period to become a rectangular table. It has two drop leaves and is supported on four casters.

A Pembroke table is still popular today. Depending on its size, it serves many different functions. It can be used for tea, a desk for writing letters, or a game table. It can also be used as a lamp table next to a wingback armchair.

Multi-Purpose Table

A multi-purpose Pembroke table is a practical addition to any home. Named for Countess Pembroke, this style of table originated in the late seventeenth century. The design features a drop-leaf tabletop and is ideal for occasional use in a smaller space. Read here about most durable tabletop materials. The Pembroke table can be extended into a small dining table for two or four people.

This table is known for its simple form and style. It features turned-leg legs, a drop-leaf design, and short wood-hinged arms. The plans include dimensions and instructions for adjusting the table's form to suit different purposes. They also come with a jig to accurately taper the legs.

Elegant Design

The Pembroke table is a classic drop-leaf table that originally appeared in England around the 1760s. Its name comes from the ninth Earl of Pembroke, a famous amateur architect and connoisseur of the arts and crafts. Pembroke tables were particularly popular during the Federal era. These tables are known for their elegant design and practicality, and are often used in halls and parlors as serving tables.

Pembroke tables are typically rectangular in shape and are topped with one or two drawers. They are constructed with concealed hinges and are supported by brackets. These brackets were originally called elbows and are now known as bracket supports. The legs of a Pembroke table are usually low and are complemented by a pair of outward-curving castors.


The Pembroke table is a distinctive type of table with drop-leaf tops. Its name comes from the Countess of Pembroke, who was the first female English poet. She also created a society for poets, known as the Wilton Circle, and hosted Queen Elizabeth I at her castle, Bayndard's Castle, in the City of London.

The Pembroke table is an example of Georgian-style furniture that was popular in the late eighteenth century. It was designed by Henry Herbert and had two long drawers and two short drawers. This type of table evolved into a rectangular style during the Victorian period.

When it first came into being, the Pembroke table was considered a major innovation. It was convenient to store and could be placed in the corner of a room. It served many functions, including serving tea and serving food. It was also a favorite bedside table for its ability to fold neatly into a corner. There are many benefits of foldable furniture.


The Pembroke table was first designed in England in the late 18th century and was an important innovation for its time. Its versatile design allowed it to be easily stored and moved from room to room. It had many uses and was usually equipped with casters. It could be used as a bedside table, serving guests, or as a place to put items for a quick snack. Today, the Pembroke table is still a popular choice for furniture buyers.

The Pembroke table has a distinctive drop-leaf design and small proportions. Its design was influenced by the style of the Countess of Pembroke, a 17th century connoisseur of furniture and amateur architect. The Pembroke table is ideal for homes with limited space and can be extended into a small dining table for two to four people.

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