What Is an Eva Deck Pad?

August 17, 2022 4 min read

Before you start shopping for an Eva Deck Pad, you should know what it's for. The best type for skimboarding is a front pad, but you may want to check out the back as well. The front pad has a diamond-shaped texture, so the more you press on it, the better it grips. Eva Front Deck Pads are lightweight, easy to install, and provide tons of grip.


One of the most important features of an Eva Deck Pad is its ability to provide supreme comfort, traction, and sound dampening qualities. These pads are custom-fitted to fit your kayak, offering double-layer closed-cell foam construction and a durable, brushed finish. They feature an adhesive backing and adhere to the decking with a strong peel-and-stick adhesive. Complete kits will cover the entire topside of your kayak, including recessed decking.

Moreover, this product is made of premium quality EVA foam and is perfect materials during paddle sessions that reduces foot fatigue. Its adhesive backing provides a powerful bond between the deck pad and the board, and it fits most types of boards. Its 4-piece design reduces the weight of the pad, while its three-millimeter adhesive ensures superior footing stability. Aside from the high-quality EVA foam, the Melors deck pad offers supreme quality at an affordable price.


Among the many benefits of an Eva Deck Pad is that it is easy to install and provides superior grip. Its diamond-shaped thermoformed surface makes it very easy to grip the board. Its durable, marine-grade adhesive creates a strong bond between the deck pad and the surfboard. The four-piece design allows for maximum weight reduction and is compatible with most surfboards. And its 3-millimeter adhesive offers excellent footing stability.

Another benefit of an Eva deck pad is that it helps you to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces. Its high-quality pad material prevents slipping and provides additional comfort. The extra padding also improves the overall experience. Whether you're taking a long trip or just looking for a comfortable pad for everyday use, an Eva deck pad will help you get more out of your time on the water. And with the many colors available, you can choose the one that suits your style and your budget.

Suitable for Kayaks

While choosing a kayak anchor, you should take a few things into consideration. First of all, you should know how much rope you need for the kayak. A general rule is that the rope should be about seven times longer than the depth of the water. Another important decision is where you will be anchoring your kayak. Kayaks are long and narrow, so you should choose one that is made for the type of water you will be paddling in.

Depending on how many kayaks you own, you can purchase a rack that holds three or four kayaks. Some kayak racks are made with wheels to make it easy to roll them. They have padded arms to protect your kayak from scratches and are designed to fit most kayak designs. Once you've purchased your rack, you need to choose the location you'd like to place it. Depending on the size of your kayak, you can place the rack outside or inside your garage.

Suitable for Skimboards

The sizing of your skimboard is critical because of its weight and shape. A larger surface area is better for balance and weight distribution during riding, while a smaller board offers greater manoeuvrability. Moreover, the shape of your skimboard will determine its buoyancy. Longer, heavier skimboards are suitable for softer waves, while smaller ones are suitable for rougher ones.

The shape and size of a skimboard play a crucial role in its maneuverability on water. Depending on the skill level of the rider, the width and length of a skimboard vary widely. Long and wide skimboards are best for tall riders, while short and average-sized riders can opt for smaller models. A skimboard's shape can either be pointed or rounded. A pointed nose allows for more maneuverability and ease of sliding.

Arched Centre Strip

The Arched Centre Strip of an Eva Deck Pad is a great way to improve your grip on the board. These pads are made from durable EVA foam with a deep diamond pattern. The deeper the grooves, the better the traction. These pads also have a marine grade adhesive backing. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight, and offer an excellent balance of traction and comfort. They are also designed to adhere to your board with a powerful bond, ensuring that your surfboard stays safe while you ride.

The Arched Centre Strip of an Eva Deck Pad can be mounted on most surfboards with ease. This pad includes an arched mounting plate that is designed to fit any shape or size of surfboard. This pad is compatible with a wide range of mounting systems, including rails, and comes with an integrated mounting plate to eliminate the need for a separate housing or leash pin. The Arched Centre Strip of an Eva Deck Pad can be shaped to fit any shape or angle, and can be purchased in different colors to match the board's interior color scheme.

Variable Width

Variable width Eva Deck pads are a great way to protect your deck while surfing or snowboarding. They offer tons of grip while being easy to install. The diamond shape helps to increase grip while maintaining an ergonomically correct position for your feet. The pad is a four-piece design that works on most boards, allowing for width and height adjustments. The mat is made of a soft thermoformed EVA and has a non-skid surface.

NSP produces two main patterns, each with their own distinct features. The 3-piece pattern is the most common, combining a variable width tail strip with a 4-piece front deck pattern. Variable width is a popular choice because it allows for more grip without adding bulk to your board. This pad also comes with a 2mm height difference, which means you can customize the look of your board without compromising traction.

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